• How to Write Marketing Emails That Convert

10 Tips for Writing Marketing Emails that Convert

There’s nothing worse than spending time and effort on marketing emails but getting nothing back. “What am I possibly doing wrong?” you think. It may come as a surprise, but writing email copy that converts is an art form in itself, and you should put a good amount of time into looking how to increase the leads you generate via email. Here are some great tips on how to create emails that will get opened and read and ultimately will increase your conversions.

How to Write Marketing Emails that Convert

1. Don’t Underestimate the Subject Line

Writing a catchy subject line is of the utmost importance. Many people see marketing emails, forget why they received them in the first place, and simply delete or unsubscribe—which you do not want! Make sure your subject line immediately grabs their attention and clarifies that you are offering something tangible and of value, rather than just clogging up their inbox.

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2. Use the Tools Available

There are a range of tools out there that can assist you with creating better email copy and consequently generate more conversions. Here are just a few online tools to help you along the way:

3. Know Your Audience

Use the modern miracle of website analytics to get to know who you’re sending emails to. Which pages are most popular? Which buttons get clicked the most? Which blog posts are they most interested in? Understanding how visitors interact with your website will help you understand their intentions, challenges, needs, and wants. With this knowledge, you can create targeted copy that resonates with your email readers rather than writing content at random and hoping for the best. Don’t waste your or your customers’ time—get to know your audience!

4. What’s In It for Them?

A conversion occurs when the recipients of your email take the action you want them to take—such as download a piece of content, sign up for a demo, or purchase a product. Whatever it is that you are offering, describe it in your email in terms of the end result for the reader. Be as specific as you can; don’t just list the features of the item you’re selling, but actually tell your customers how it will benefit them, why they specifically should buy it, and how it will make their life better.

5. Don’t Shy Away from SEO

Since they don’t get found on search engines, you don’t have to worry about SEO with emails. However, you may want to find out which search queries (or keywords) are bringing qualified visitors to your website. These words will resonate most with your readers, as they represent the problems they’re trying to solve in the language they use, so incorporating them into the subject line and body of your emails will help grab their interest.

6. Get Inspiration from Other Businesses

Take a look at your own inbox. See which subject lines catch your attention and which emails get you to take action. What are these businesses doing effectively? Do they format their emails in a particular way that is appealing? How do they make engaging content? How can you adapt their successful tactics to your own email marketing strategy?

You may even want to sign up for competitors’ email lists. What are they doing well? What do they lack that your business can provide?

As long as you don’t outright copy someone’s ideas, it’s completely fine to gain inspiration from other successful email campaigns.

7. Leverage Human Nature

There are many inherent characteristics of humans that you can leverage when writing your marketing emails. One of the most powerful is the fear of missing out. Putting a time limit or cap on the offer in your emails will encourage readers to act. Another one to leverage is the desire to feel special. Creating a sense of exclusivity in your offer, such as a discount only to email subscribers, can make it more appealing. Other elements that resonate with people and increase conversion include colors and pictures of faces.

8. Don’t Be Spammy

If you can’t say what you want to say without using capital letters and multiple exclamation marks, don’t say it at all. It makes the email seem cheap, it may even look like you’re shouting at your potential customers, and will likely get directed straight to the SPAM folder. It can be a challenge to grab attention through your subject lines without appearing spammy, but we’ve got you covered with this post on the dos and don’ts of email subject lines.

9. Be Human

Who says you can’t be friendly and chatty in your marketing emails? Use anecdotes and analogies to resonate with your recipients. Write as though they are sitting in front of you; be conversational and personable, avoid marketing jargon, and most importantly, don’t be boring! This will help your recipients stay interested, feel at ease, and build trust in your business. You’ll be surprised by how much this influences your open rates and conversion!

10. Take Tips from the Web

Try and structure your emails like a webpage by breaking up the content with subheadings and bullet points. That way, your emails are easy to follow and digest, and not a bombardment of information. You want people to be able to scan through emails quickly, understand what action they should take, and see what they want to know more about. It’s not a novel, so keep it snappy!

Using email copy to convert can be one of the easiest marketing techniques when you know how to do it. By following these simple tips, you’ll be amazed at how your conversion rate starts to climb!


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