• How to Write Evergreen Content

How to Write Evergreen Content

Sometimes, content creation can feel a little like throwing spaghetti at the wall. Some of it falls off, some of it sticks for a little while, but none of it ever stays long term. With more than 2 million blog posts being uploaded to the internet each day (that’s not even considering the rest of the online content), you need something that can cut through the noise (Source: Marketing Profs).

Evergreen content is just that. It is (almost) timeless content that remains valuable to your audience and to your business growth, year after year. In this article, we’re going to share with you some evergreen ideas that you can use to create lasting content of your own.

How to Write Evergreen Content

What is Evergreen Content?

Rather than focusing on current trends and “what’s hot”, evergreen content is based on topics that will always be researched. It’s content that answers the questions your target audience is always going to be asking, no matter which generation they’re from. The best part about it?  While the concept isn’t new in any way, more and more businesses are looking to leverage evergreen content as a way to stand out in the crowded online space.

Benefits of Evergreen Content

1. Sustainable Traffic Growth

As a business, your most valuable asset is a steady stream of website traffic of potential customers. Evergreen content is a great resource for this very purpose, allowing a single blog post or article to build a reliable supply of traffic over time rather than dying out like trendy “flash in the pan” type posts.

2. SEO

The more posts that users find helpful, the better your SEO (and therefore search engine ranking). The better your SEO,  the more your useful posts will be found, and the more traffic you’ll get to them, further increasing your SEO. Evergreen content helps you to build a solid search engine presence that grows over time.

3. Save Time

Because the topics are essentially timeless, the value of the content remains high over time, requiring only minimal updates at most. Rather than having to always be writing new traffic magnets all the time, you can simply be updating timeless traffic magnets—freeing up more time for you to write more traffic magnets! (But also allowing you to be able to “afford” lesser performing posts—which is inevitable in any content strategy.

4. Lead Generating Potential

Due to its timeless relevance, evergreen pieces are usually top-performing content. Add calls to action to those pages to get that quality traffic into the front end of your sales funnel.

Lead Generation Tips and Tricks

5. Become An Authority

Over time, as more and more people read your evergreen content, you start to become a reliable source for information in your niche. People will look to your content for answers and, in turn, view you as an authority with a wealth of valuable knowledge. While it exceeds the scope of this post, being an authority is an integral part of any content marketing strategy.

Examples of Evergreen Content

Even though the very definition of evergreen content refers to pieces that last for years with very little changes needed, there’s always room for flexibility. Within this realm of content, there are three varying levels of “evergreen”.

1. “Very” Evergreen Content

These serve as the staple pieces that truly withstand the test of time, needing little to no changes over the course of their existence.

How-To & Guide Posts

When someone is trying to learn something new, the internet is usually the first resource they turn to.

How-to articles and guideposts are perfect examples of evergreen content because they provide a valuable tutorial for getting something done.

Fundamental Industry Concepts

In every industry and niche, there are certain fundamental concepts that all businesses know as “common knowledge”. It’s the kind of information that serves as building blocks by being time-tested and having a long track record, carrying unquestionable merit.

Case Studies and Success Stories

Nothing can persuade an audience of skeptics better than a detailed case study. If you have a product or service that works, conduct a case study to use as persuasive marketing material. Proven results are much more effective than crafty sales language.

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Tips & Tricks

Similar to how-to and guideposts, people are constantly searching for ways to be more efficient. If you have a list of actionable tips and tricks that your target audience would find valuable, they can make for excellent evergreen content.

“Moderately” Evergreen Content

This type of content withstands the test of time fairly well, only needing revisions or updates every few years to stay relevant.


Whatever you’re readers are trying to accomplish, there’s a checklist that can be created. Checklists are the perfect type of content for breaking down more complex and lengthy topics into easily digestible content.

Best Practices

Though best practices can change over time, they always serve as highly sought after information. As an expert in your niche, take all of your knowledge and condense it down into fundamental best practices that readers can utilize.

Best Free and Paid Tools

While these can change over time as well, tools exist for the sole purpose of making things easier. Businesses are constantly looking for the best ways to automate tasks and increase efficiency. Take the legwork out of it for them by compiling the best free and paid tools.

Common Mistakes

In every niche, there are always mistakes that can be avoided. As such, fear is one of the largest factors that prevent people from taking action. To provide value, hold the hand of your target audience and walk them through the minefield by sharing the most common mistakes.

“Mildly” Evergreen Content

This is the kind of evergreen content that walks the border of “trendy” by usually needing to be updated on a yearly basis (which still isn’t that bad).

Make Sense of Trends

Trends are notoriously mysterious in the way they show up and take over. Help your hungry audience understand them by creating digestible content. Try to avoid the short-term bubble trends and focus on the ones that have long-term potential.

Stats & Data

Depending on the time period you choose and how relevant it’s going to be as more time passes, content of this type can last for many, many years, or die out after one or two. The bottom line is, people absolutely love consuming knowledge in the form of stats and data.

Product Reviews

Evergreen content of this kind depends on how long the product you’re reviewing stays relevant in the eyes of consumers. Nonetheless, it’s a great way to drive massive amounts of traffic because people love to learn as much as they can about a product or service before buying.

Regardless of your industry, product, or service, evergreen content is a must-have for effective content marketing. Use the ideas above to publish content that builds trust and your business reputation to the benefit of your readers.

Kristen McCormick
Kristen McCormick
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