• How to Write an About Us Page

Your business website tells potential clients and customers all about your business—what you do, the services you provide, how you can help customers. You website should also tell customers who you are through the About Us page.

Many business owners have difficulty writing an About Us page for their company’s website. This post will provide you with information on how to write an About Us page for your website and an example About Us page content to give you some inspiration.

how to write an about us page

Purpose of an About Us Page

The purpose of an About Us page is to teach customers who you are. While your website will get your business found online and inform customers about what you do, an About Us page tells your business’s story. An About Us page establishes your business’s identity and introduces your company and employees to customers. All companies, whether you’re new, in the process of rebranding, or have been established for a while, need an About Us page.

Your About Us page is most likely the first page that website visitors look at after visiting your website, so it’s very important to provide the right information on it. The content you write for this page should set a professional tone that introduces your business’s background and adds personality to your site to increase customer engagement. The content should not be longer than a couple paragraphs in length, but it should also provide enough information to make customers feel that they know who you are.

Optimize for Local Search

An About Us page is where people will look to find out more about your business, including your location! If you have a physical location, include that location somewhere on your website, typically in the footer or the Contact page. Even if your address is listed on your website, include the city, town, or general geographic area that your business serves in the content of your About Us page as well. Naming towns, cities, counties, or states will make your website more likely to show up on local search results.

If your business provides delivery services in the town of Bluffington, use the words “delivery” and “Bluffington.” Write your About Us page assuming that the person finding your website knows nothing about your type of business or geographic location. Search engines like Google will not make information up for you so unless you use specific words on your website, your business will not rank for local search terms like your town name.

Include Necessary Information

If you don’t have a brick and mortar location to your business, your About Us page must include information about how you perform business. Do you travel for appointments or is all of your business done online? Will you consult over the phone or via video chat? Do you have clients in a particular geographic region or do you focus on international clients? Unless you tell people how your business works, they will not know. Many business owners leave this information out and miss out on customers.

Establish Your Credentials

Establish your business’s credibility and answer why it is uniquely qualified to serve and solve your target market’s needs.  Mention past achievements, include press clippings, and give concrete examples to help you establish your credentials.

Set Yourself Apart from the Competition

This section should show your visitors what distinguishes your business from your competitors. If your business offers something different than other businesses, make sure to highlight this in your About Us page. Does your business provide a service or product that set your apart from your competitors? Do you deliver food to an undeserved geographic area? Are you open 24/7? Do you offer classes or promotional offers for new customers? The best About Us pages give customers an idea of what makes your business unique.

Use Industry Specific Language

Use industry specific language in your About Us page so that your page shows up in search results when customers search for those specific keywords. Does your restaurant serve only locally sourced meat and poultry? Make sure to include the words “locally sourced from…” in your About Us page. Do you offer your town’s only ice cream delivery service? Then use the words “ice cream delivery” when describing your company. Think of specific keywords that people will use when searching for your type of business and include those in your About Us page content. This will improve your SEO to get you found online.

Be Personable

Insert your personality into the About Us page. Use the page to tell your visitors the story of how your business was founded, introduce yourself, and give a little background about your coworkers and employees. Depending on what type of business you have, this may also be a great area to add fun facts about yourself and your team. The best About Us pages are ones that make customers feel like they know you and make them remember your business.

Include Pictures of Yourself and Your Team

In addition to being personable in writing, you should also include pictures of yourself, your business, or your team on the About Us page. This not only helps break up the text on the page, but helps customers remember your business and you by giving them a chance to associate faces to names. Customers want to engage in business with other people, so include pictures on your About Us page!

Make it Easy to Read

No one likes reading a huge block of text. The About Us page on your company website should be easy to read. Keep your About Us page short and sweet to give customers an idea of who you are. Highlight key information about your business—don’t provide a day-by-day breakdown of your company’s history. The same goes for personal biographies—provide an insight into your credentials and expertise rather than a long bio about your life.

What to Include

Introduce yourself and your company on the About Us Page. Establish yourself as an industry leader by providing a short description of yourself and the history of your business.  Here are some examples of what to write on your About Us Page:

  • Short biography of the business owner
  • Business’s history (story)
  • Information about the business
  • Information or bios of the team and employees
  • Fun facts about the business
  • Industry associations and awards
  • Press features
  • Affiliations with other local businesses

About Us Page Example

Using the bullet points above, here is an example of a good About Us page. It not only provides information about the business and its services, but it also gives customers an insight into the personality of the business.

Beautiful Bouquets flower shop is Bluffington’s premier exotic flower store. Opened in 2001 by Barry Businessman and his daughter Betty, Beautiful Bouquets delivers flowers and brightens days throughout the Bluffington metro area 7 days a week.

Beautiful Bouquets creates and delivers custom exotic floral arrangements for weddings, baptisms, proms, anniversaries, and more! Barry, Betty, and their team of dedicated floral professionals have over 70 years of experience in the floral industry. Beautiful Bouquets has been featured in Exotic Flowers magazine and was the recipient of Bluffington’s Best in Business award in the Floral Division for the past 5 years. 

Whether you’re in the market for an exotic floral arrangement, are interested in our hybrid horticulture classes, or just want to check out our greenhouse with our world-famous 8 foot tall orchid, Beautiful Bouquets is here for you! We are excited to work with you to meet your unique floral needs—contact us today!

Do you have an About Us page on your website that includes all of these things?

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