• How To Win Customers Through Social Media

How to Win Customers Through Social Media (1)

Whether shoppers are browsing social media in discovery mode or searching specifically for a business like yours, they have a short attention span. You have a limited amount of time and space to capture their interest and engage them enough to come back to your page, become a lead, or better yet, become a customer. Here are some ways to use your social media pages, posts, and ads to generate leads and win more customers.

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How to Win Customers Through Social Media (1)

How To Win Customers With Your Social Media Pages

When you get visitors to your social pages, don’t let them slip away! Take advantage of the opportunity to gain customers by providing the information they are looking for.

1. Describe Your Business

Complete the business descriptions on your social pages to let visitors know what’s special about your business. A compelling business description gives visitors a quick way to learn more and is a great opportunity for you to show your personality and make yourself approachable. After all, that’s what draws consumers most to local businesses like yours.

2. Add Pictures

Pictures speak louder than words. Profiles with images perform much better than those without. Take a look at the pictures available on your social media profiles. There’s probably a mix of pictures that have been added by your customers and you. Make sure you have uploaded at least 5 to 10 pictures that represent your business well. Include pictures that give visitors a sense of the experience they can expect. For example, show customers enjoying themselves and your staff interacting with customers at your business. Some sites let you pick the pictures that are shown most prominently.

3. List Critical Information

As a local business, it’s critical that you list your address, your phone number, and hours. Also, be sure to list your website so prospective customers can learn more about your business. Restaurants should add a link to their menu so it’s quick and easy to find. Also, inaccurate listings aren’t just unattractive; they can also deter customers, so review this information from time to time to make sure it’s correct.

4. Convey Credibility

You must first win the trust of the consumer before you can win the business. Stay active on your social sites to show that your business is alive and well. Also keep a close eye on the reviews for your business on Yelp, Google and Facebook. Ask happy customers to leave reviews for you. If you get a negative review, be sure to respond. Convey to potential customers that any issues have been addressed and resolved.

5. Make it Easy to Connect with You

If consumers have any questions, make it easy to connect with you. Be approachable and demonstrate great customer service. List your phone and email address where possible. Let customers post to your pages. Also take advantage of messenger apps like Facebook messenger.

How to Win Customers With Your Social Media Posts

In addition to optimizing your social media pages to get more customers, you can also optimize your content. To attract customers to your business through social media posting, use the rule of thirds: 1/3 of your content should promote your business, 1/3 should demonstrate your band, and 1/3 should relate to your industry.

Promotional Posts

Promotional posts refer to those that highlight your business, products, and services with the aims of generating sales.  Too much promotion of your business actually tends to turn people off from engaging with your business. If you run a restaurant, promotional posts might include daily specials, new menu items, or even photos from events.

Brand-Focused Posts

These posts show the human side and core values of your business, enable you to stand out from the competition, and create a sense of community in your audience. Share employee stories, articles on causes you care about, funny happenings at your business, behind-the-scenes posts, memes, and inspirational quotes. This reminds your customers that you’re trying to build a relationship, and not just sell them your products. Be sure to encourage engagement with these posts, and most importantly to engage back with users.

Industry-Related Posts

A third of your content should be industry-related. That is, useful information to your target audience related to your products and services in general — not to your brand. Share content from thought leaders, influencers, industry reports, and complementary businesses.

If you want to win customers through social media, not all of the content you share should be focused on that. Share professional insight and creative, personal content to engage your audience, build trust, and keep them coming back.

Win Customers Through Social Media Advertising

Social media—Facebook in particular—offers affordable advertising options to help you gain customers for your business. Here are three ways you can use Facebook’s ad targeting options to generate leads and get customers:

Target by Interest

Target new audiences based on one or more interests that match your business offering. For example, if you own a spa, target consumers with the interest in spas, health and beauty, yoga, and self-care. Facebook will show you the total number of people in that interest group.

Be sure to adjust your target audience size based on the demographics and location that apply to your business. (For example, as a spa owner, you may want to reach females with the ages of 20-50 in the San Francisco area.)

Target by Lookalike Audiences

A lookalike audience is a very powerful yet easy way to reach people who are similar to your existing customers. Just take your customer list, upload it to Facebook, and Facebook will create a lookalike audience. Think of it as leveraging your customer list.

Target by Website Visitors

Reach people who have already visited your website and re-market to an audience that has already shown interest in your products. Bring back website visitors to achieve a sale or finish a purchase.

By completing your profiles, perfecting your content, and leveraging highly targeted advertising, you can turn social media into more than just a platform to gain followers. Follow the tips above and you’ll be on your way to using social media as a lead generation and customer acquisition tool for your business.


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