• How to Use Todoist

Many business owners rely on to-do list tools synched between their phone and computer to keep track of their work schedules, appointments, and daily tasks where ever they are. These tools help small business owners stay sane and productive while organizing day-to-day responsibilities.

If you’re looking for a task management tool that you can access anytime and anywhere, check out Todoist.  A highly accessible, multi platform productivity program, Todoist is a simple tool for you to manage your work and life to-do’s.

How to Use Todoist

What is Todoist?

Todoist is an online task manager and to-do list app. It’s available online, as a desktop app, as an add-on extension for internet browsers, as a plug-in for email app integration, and to download in the app store of any smart phone.

Todoist is a free tool with a user-friendly interface. While the free version of the tool is good to use, it is a bit limiting. But for a mere $29/ per year, you can access desirable features like reminders sent to your phone or email.

How Does Todoist Work?

Todoist is a flexible app in terms of its features. Users can easily sort tasks by categories and create groups and projects that can be made accessible for other users to collaborate. Creating tasks is easy to do and Todoist gives users the option of adding due-dates, notes, and links to webpages or even emails.

How to Use Todoist

It is simple to rearrange tasks into different folders or sort tasks into priority levels. When you’ve finished with a task, you can mark it as complete. One useful feature is that once a task is marked as complete, it’s archived for future reference. That means that the task is not deleted and can still be viewed in your project’s history at a later date. Todoist is backed up regularly so you don’t have to worry about losing important data.

How to Use Todoist

Todoist also offers a built-in calendar, showing an overview of upcoming due dates and tasks to complete.

How to Use Todoist for Your Small Business

Todoist is available on all platforms (website and apps) making it is a tool that any business owner can used universally on operating systems. It is available for mobile devices, tablets, mailbox, web browser, and even the Apple Watch.

Todoist is a great option for a small businesses with more than one employee because of the sharing features. You can share tasks with other users in order to collaborate on ideas and plans which helps manage goals involving a whole team. The ability to work with other users is key for positive development in a growing company.

While you can opt for the standard free version or pay a relatively inexpensive yearly free for premium access, Todoist also offers a version specifically for business. The business version is both private and secure if you’re worried about security. Although these paid versions are inciting, Todoist won’t make you cough up money right away. There’s a free trial for both the business and premium options.

Do you use an online tool to manage daily tasks for operating your business?

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