• How to Use Afterlight as a Marketing Tool

People process visual content much faster than written content. How can you turn your run of the mill pictures into something beautiful? Try Afterlight – a mobile photoediting tool that can be used for marketing your small business! how to use afterlight marketing tool

But what if you’re not a good photographer? Not everyone has an eye for taking pictures or the budget for fancy cameras. What do you do if you don’t snap pictures like a pro? You can take classes and buy new equipment, or you can take a shortcut and download Afterlight.

What is Afterlight?

Afterlight is an app that improves your mobile photography. With it, you can easily crop, brighten, and add artistic filters to your photos and graphics. Afterlight is available for smartphones like iPhones and Android devices. It’s not free, but at $0.99, it is a steal!

How To Use Afterlight

Getting started with Afterlight is easy. Simply upload or take a picture. Afterlight is an intuitive tool that makes it easy and quick to use.

Afterlight easily lets you make adjustments to pictures to make them look better. You can brighten photos that are too dark or crop photos to a particular size. One of the best parts of Afterlight is the filters that you can add to photos to make them look more artistic.

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Another feature of Afterlight is the ability to add photos in irregular shapes. Have you ever wanted to add a picture in a circle to your website or social media photos and didn’t know how to do it? You can change pictures into shapes or add borders to them too. Afterlight makes it easy to do with one touch!

How to Use Afterlight as a Marketing Tool

how to use afterlight social sharingVisual Marketing is the first thing potential customers see when they look at your social media streams or blog posts. Make your images pop with Afterlight!

If beautiful images weren’t enough, Afterlight is also integrated to make it easy to share the photos that you edit. You can save your photos to your phone directly or you can easily share them on Instagram or Twitter.

Check out Afterlight and let us know what you think!

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