• How to Turn Your Business into a Bird of Prey

Peregrine Falcon in BostonThe Peregrine Falcon is one of the most widely spread predatory birds, or raptors, in the world.  Their range is prolific across almost every land mass on the planet, and their speed is unmatched in the animal kingdom.   The fastest animal on the planet, the Peregrine is able to reach speeds in excess of 200 mph in a predatory stoop or dive seeking their prey.

To the surprise of many people, the Peregrine Falcon is able to flourish in urban environments.  The presence of tall buildings across a city skyline mimics the bird’s natural habitat of sheer cliff faces.  The abundance of city dwelling pigeons provides ample prey, and if you pay attention to the Boston skyline on any given morning you may catch a glimpse of these incredible hunters diving on an unsuspecting group of roosting pigeons.  Those poor unsuspecting pigeons.

How does the Peregrine relate to your small business marketing you may be wondering?   As prolific as the Peregrine is, small businesses exist in every town and city across the globe.  Just as the Peregrine targets its prey, local business owners can better target their customers with an effective marketing plan.

Customers need your services, but can they find you?  As a small business owner it’s important to have a strong vision of how a customer can potentially interact with your business.  With 20/7 vision, the Peregrine has about 3 times the vision power as humans, which helps it to see targets.   You can’t improve the vision of your potential customers, but you can achieve the same effect by making yourself a bigger target.  To help potential customers find your business make sure all of your online directories (i.e. your Google Place Page) are up-to-date with matching business information including a phone number, address, and the business name itself.  It seems simple, but a small fix like this can be the potential difference in your customer finding your business vs. a competitor. 

Interact with your customers in the environment that they visit on a daily basis.  Social media & monthly e-mails can be effective ways for you to target specific individuals who have engaged with your business.  It’s important to take advantage of the information being provided by your customers.  Just like the Peregrine has learned to nest in building notches high above a bustling city, take advantage of the open forum that social media can provide to your business.  Interact with previous, current, and prospective clients.  Post pictures to your social media pages illustrating what is going on in your business currently.  Adapt to what social media and e-mail is offering your business, and take full advantage of how they both can help you continue to grow and flourish.

The Peregrine has been clocked at upwards of 242 mph, far beyond any other member of the raptor family or the entire animal kingdom for that matter.  Speed being the idea here, action your leads quickly to ensure that your potential client doesn’t have a chance to move on to another business in the same space.  Keep close tabs on your incoming e-mails, any contact information you’re collecting, and voice messages.  If you can respond within the first half hour of receiving a lead you’re much more likely to reach the potential customer and have your business fresh in his or her mind.

Do as the Peregrine does and make your business keen eyed, adaptable, and faster acting.  You’re customers will be happier, loyal, and represent repeat business; unfortunately we can’t say the same for the prey of the Peregrine.

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