• How to Repost an Instagram Video Using RapidSave

How to Repost an Instagram Video Using RapidSave

Instagram can be used in a wide variety of ways to attract and market your business to potential customers. The app allows for an assortment of visual media—photos, stories, boomerangs, and videos up to a minute in length—to entice individuals scrolling through feeds. RapidSave, an Instagram-complementary app, is an asset to this trend. It is a helpful (and free!) tool that can be utilized to download, save, and repost Instagram videos in their original quality, all in a few simple steps. In this post, we’ll go over the processes necessary to use the app to repost your Instagram videos.

How to Repost an Instagram Video Using RapidSave

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1. Download the RapidSave app from the iTunes Store.

2. Open the Instagram app and tap the profile icon on the bottom right of the screen to bring up your account page. Note: Your Instagram profile status must be set to public in order to repost videos using RapidSave.
3. Locate the video you’d like to repost in your feed.

4. Tap the ‘…’ in the upper righthand corner of the post and select ‘Share’ from the list of options.
5.  Select ‘Copy Link’ from the new menu of options, seeing the green ‘Link copied to clipboard’ banner as confirmation.
6. Open the RapidSave app and paste the link you just copied in Instagram. You will see a green ‘IG link is updated from clipboard’ banner across the top of the screen verifying your action.


7. Once the video has uploaded, you will be presented with two options: repost or save. If you click ‘repost,’ you can immediately repost the video to Instagram or share it through another app, such as messaging or email. If you click ‘save,’ the video will be permanently stored to your camera roll.

Now that you know how to repost a video on Instagram, the options are endless! Save your video to repost on other platforms, use it to repeatedly post a video for an Instagram contest for your business, or simply store it in your phone to be used at any whim.


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