How to Repost a Picture on Instagram with Repost App

Instagram has taken over as one of the most popular social media outlets. Starting off as a way to easily edit and share photos with followers, companies soon realized that Instagram provided a unique (and free) way to connect and market to core consumers. What’s more, Instagram provides an additional interactive opportunity between you, the seller, and your customer. Many business owners like the idea of Instagram for their small business, but are unsure of how to get started on Instagram and use it for small business marketing. Using Instagram to foster direct engagement with the customer will effectively create additional brand awareness and more importantly, support.

How to Repost a Picture on Instagram with Repost App

Why Photo Sharing Is Important

At the risk of sounding cliché, seeing is believing. It’s one thing to tell about your customer’s positive experience, it’s quite another to witness a real person smiling, taking the time to give you a shout out – unsolicited! Essentially, you’re tapping into a free marketing opportunity.

And it’s mutually beneficial because reposting customer photos which showcase your business also gives your customer the warm and fuzzies. They’ll feel that their business is appreciated and as a consumer, that’s a rare thing.

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Spotlighting a customer’s perspective can be more influential than traditional marketing. Think about the success of consumer driven websites like Yelp. Firsthand accounts from people who have nothing to gain are powerful.

How to Repost a Picture on Instagram

There are a few primary ways to share photos, primarily through using photo apps for Instagram like the Repost App. Available for both iOS and Android, Repost App for Instagram allows you to repost another Instagram users’s photo onto your Instagram feed. Repost App makes it simple to repost and give credit to the original Instagram account who posted the photo. We’ve put together a step-by-step guide on how to use Repost App to make it extra easy for you to get started.

Step 1) Find the Repost App in the App Store and download it.

how to repost pictures on instagram

Step 2) Open the app and log in using your Instagram profile to repost pictures on instagram

Once you are logged in, you’re brought to your main feed. In order to utilize the reposting feature, you’ll need to view Instagram from within Repost App.

You’ll have access to all of the same posts and searching features as you do with classic IG, but with the added reposting capabilities. Now this is where the magic happens…

Step 3) Share another user’s photo.

Once you’ve found a photo that you wish to share, click on the photo to view it full screen.

how to repost pictures on instagram

Step 4) Repost the photo.

On the lower right corner of the photo you’ll see a big blue Repost button-click it!

Step 5) Choose the photo credit.

The next page will provide you various options on where to place your shout out to the original poster: bottom left? Top right? Light or dark? Choose your favorite spot/style and head to the next step by hitting the big blue “Repost” button.

how to repost pictures on instagram

Step 6) Tap “OK” to go to the next step. 

Don’t worry, you’re not posting just yet.

How to Repost a Picture on Instagram

Step 7) Choose “Copy to Instagram” in the following popup screen

Your photo is still not reposted. You will now be redirected to the classic IG platform.

how to repost photos to instagram

Step 8) Post on Instagram

Starting to look more familiar? At this point you can start throwing filters and such on the photo but we would advise against that. After all, you’re showcasing someone else’s post, not trying to improve upon it.

How to Repost a Picture on Instagram

Step 9) Add caption and tag the Instagram user.

Click “Next” at the top right to add your caption and tag the Instagram user who originally posted the photo. It’s important to tag the user so they know you shared their photo. This helps build customer loyalty. Remember to use hashtags when posting so you can increase the reach of your photos.

Step 10) Click “Share”

Just like that you’ve just successfully reposted an Instagram photo using the Repost App!

How to Repost a Picture on Instagram

Social media has been an incredibly useful platform for small businesses, when it comes to high touch advertising. Having command of resources already in your wheelhouse you’ll soon see they can play a meaningful part in marketing your business. Looking for more tips, check out our blog post on how to use Instagram for small businesses.


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  1. David Frison

    Once I have accessed Instagram through the Repost app, it looks exactly like the regular Instagram, there is no big blue “Repost” button.

  2. Thanks for this. Though no Repost blue button is showing up when I open IG on the Repost app. Any ideas?


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