• How To Promote a Product on Social Media

For some small business owners, interacting on various social media outlets has become second nature.  For others it has been somewhat intimidating and they have never really ventured into any social media space.

how to promote product social media

Regardless of where you fall on this spectrum, social media is a great way to promote a new product or service your business is offering. With product-based businesses especially, promoting new products across  multiple social media channels allows you to be competitive in your marketplace and reach as many of your potential customers as possible.

Depending on your key customer demographics, certain social media strategies may prove to be more effective than others in promoting your business. Here are a few avenues to get you started:

Promoting a Product On Facebook

It seems to be harder these days to get exposure for a post on Facebook. This means that you need to stack the odds in your favor and utilize the latest and greatest features. What worked a year ago might not yield the same results today. 

  • Run a Facebook Contest:  Create a post asking people to take action to be in a drawing to receive your product something for free or at a deep discount. This could be asking them to tag a friend in the post, comment on it, or even just to like the post. 
  • Post Photos and Videos of the Product:  People respond more to a post on Facebook if it has a high-quality image or video, than if it has text alone. Be creative and think about what will get your core demographic to respond. If you did not make the product you are featuring, see if the manufacturer has any marketing materials you can use to feature their product on your page.
  • Utilize Facebook Live:  This is one of Facebook’s latest features that allows you to easily stream live content to your page onto your follower’s newsfeed.  Use Facebook Live as a way to engage directly with your customers. You can ask them questions or solicit feedback about what they think. They can then respond with detailed comments, giving you an instant marketing survey of sorts. You might even want to ask them to get in on the action, go live, and post their own video using or talking about your product!

Promoting a Product on Twitter

Twitter is the quick hit version of Facebook in the social media world, depending on your target audience.  Life moves fast on Twitter, and to begin to understand what works and what does not, you have to jump in with both feet. With only 140 characters to get your message across you have to be concise and to the point.

  • Engage in Hashtag Marketing:  Whether you are trying to create the next hashtag to go viral or connecting your product to one that is trending, hashtags will help to get your product into the mix of the conversation. 
  • Tag and Retweet Influencers:  Influencers are people in your key demographics that have large numbers of followers. By retweeting their tweets and tagging them to engage them and their audience into your conversation about your product you will greatly increase your reach.

Promoting a Product on Instagram

A picture is still worth a thousand words. This is part of the reason that Instagram needs to be part of your social media strategy. Making Instagram an effective part of your online marketing strategy these days is more than just posting some nice pictures of your product. 

  • Create an Instagram Business Profile:  Now under the Facebook umbrella, Instagram business profiles offer a multitude of new tools and analytics that are not accessible for individual accounts. 
  • Implement Instagram Giveaways:  Contests and giveaways have been a part of the marketing scene for over 100 years. Tie your product to an Instagram giveaway and you can increase engagement even further.
  • Utilize Video:  Similar to Facebook Live, creating videos on Instagram featuring your products, promotions, and other information about your business is very effective at creating another level of engagement directly with your audience.
  • Apply Relevant Hashtags:  Applying the appropriate hashtag will push your post into new spaces and different demographics than the core audience already following your account. Think outside the box and cast a wider net to gain new potential customers.
  • Instagram Stories:  This is their latest and greatest feature and is a direct knock-off of Snapchat Stories. These are a 10-second compilation of video and pictures that disappear from your account after 24 hours. All the strategies for this feature are outlined in our article on How Small Businesses Can Use Instagram Stories.

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Promoting a Product on Snapchat

Wildly popular among Millennials ages 21 through 35, Snapchat is gaining in popularity across all demographics. With over 400,000,000 messages every day, getting your small business on Snapchat is a must!

  • Create Stories for Your Business:  Snapchat originated the 10-second video that is sweeping across the social media landscape. We mentioned already just how fast and condensed much of the social media space has become. Snapchat epitomizes this, but can be very effective at creating unique engagement with customers.
  • Offer Promotional Teasers: Take your Stories even further by creating promotional teasers or discounts to your Snapchat followers. Check out this post on how to get more customers with Snapchat for more ideas on how to use Stories to increase sales.

This is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to crafting an effective social media strategy for your business. Each business will have it’s own unique mix of social media channels that will ultimately work for them. The key is to arm yourself with some solid pointers to get you started and move forward.

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