• How to Promote a Facebook Event

Facebook is a must-use platform when it comes to creating events. It’s a free and effective way to get the word out on any event your business plans on hosting. But just creating a Facebook event, crossing your fingers and hoping that people will participate is no good; you need to promote it as well

How to Promote a Facebook Event

Creating a Facebook Event

Facebook has a foolproof method for creating events. When doing so, it will prompt you with the different details like the date, location, description, etc. Make sure you don’t skimp on the details, as you don’t want people getting confused and potentially missing out. Need help? Check out our post on how to create a Facebook event.

Here’s something else to consider: If you really want to take your promotion to the next level consider creating an attention-grabbing banner as a header. Not only will this make your event look more intriguing, but it can be used on other platforms to market your event as well. You can also use this event banner and include a ‘Register here’ button to allow potential guests to seamlessly find your Facebook event page via your business’s main Facebook page.

How to Invite People to a Facebook Event

Inviting people to join your event is easy as pie. Simply navigate to your Facebook event’s page, then select “Invite.”

how to invite people to a facebook event

This will cause a box to appear. The box gives you several options. You can choose individual friends to invite to the event (which you will select one-by-one from your friends list), or you can share the event to your page (a great way to get more Facebook likes) , or you can share the event to another page (for example, a friend’s Facebook profile). Sharing your event is a perfect opportunity to personalize things by tagging people you think might be interested in attending.

how to invite friends to facebook event

Keep in mind that you will not be able to invite individuals if your event is hosted by a page you run. This is because Facebook pages have “likes,” not friends. To invite individuals to your Facebook event, you must log into your personal profile and select individuals from your own friend list.

When launching your event you have the option to share it with everybody in your Facebook network. More specifically, when publishing you’ll have access to post the event in several different locations depending on if you’re signed in as an individual (who is accessing a page) or logged in as a business.

Sharing and Boosting a Facebook Event

The ‘Share’ button is your friend when it comes to promoting events on Facebook. The ‘share’ button will allow you to post your event page to a multitude of places including: Your page’s wall, a group you’re a member of, a friend’s timeline, your own personal timeline, and in a private message.

There is also the opportunity to ‘Boost’ your event using paid-advertising to really get your event out there to the public. However, because the option involves spending money your return on investment may not be worth the money–it’s certainly something to consider, however, for maximum outreach.

Tagging to Promote a Facebook Event

You should also make use of the tag feature. Tagging someone on Facebook allows users to notify other users when they’ve been mentioned. When it comes to events, you can tag people who are taking part in the event, those who may be interested, or those who have a large network that could potentially help you market the event to a larger audience.

Creating Anticipation for Your Event

If you really want to wow potential attendees, you have to make sure to create excitement and anticipation for your event. It’s important that you keep posting fresh, interesting information on your page’s timeline to keep people updated. If you just post the same information every day, people will ignore it. If on the other hand you post teasers, pictures, videos, potential prizes, special guests and more people will no doubt get excited and are more likely to share with friends.

Hopefully you’ll have a bit of buzzing on your event page or main how to promote a facebook eventpage at this point. You’ll notice people posting comments and questions and it’s important that you respond to them. Answering questions, liking posts and creating a welcoming atmosphere in general will make guests much more enthusiastic. You can even post questions on the event page such as asking ‘What they’re looking forward to most’ or ‘Any activities they’d like to take part in.’

You also want to keep posting until the very end. Not only does this create suspense and anticipation, but it allows you to both keep people updated with last-minute details and to give reminders to people who don’t have the longest attention spans.

Promoting a Facebook Event off of Facebook

Additionally, you don’t have to limit your event promotion to Facebook. If you have other social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram, or even just an e-mail list, funnel people towards your Facebook event by leveraging these other mediums. Getting them to see the page will not only give them the opportunity to attend, but also to further promote it to their own network.

Using Eventbrite to Further Promote and Manage Your Facebook Event

While Facebook does allow you keep track of your guests, it’s highly recommended that you set up your own registration page outside of Facebook. A major reason for this is that people can be quite fickle when it comes to RSVP’ing for a Facebook event. A lot of people see these events pop up in their timelines and have no qualms about clicking ‘Going’ when they are still unsure if they want to go. This can really throw you off in terms of how many people to expect.

To remedy this, what we recommend is setting up a page on Eventbrite. By setting up a page on Eventbrite, and selling tickets, or giving them out for free, it will give you a much more accurate reading of what to expect. Check out our complete guide to planning an event on Eventbrite to really make the most of your Facebook event. In fact, Eventbrite has utilized the power of Facebook for promoting events and has seamlessly integrated selling tickets and event signups with Facebook events.


If you have an event in the works, it’s best to create a Facebook event as soon as possible. This will allow you to get more guests to attend, and will allow for more time to give the event exposure. If you don’t have all the details yet that’s fine. It’s better to get the word out ASAP and you can fill people in on the details as the event draws closer.

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