• How to Measure Your Marketing Effectiveness

With the amount of precious time, energy, and money you invest into running your business, the amount you have left to market it is even more scarce. You can’t afford to waste it on ineffective or inefficient marketing. Yet how do you know which marketing activities are best for your business, and which ones will yield the strongest return on your investment? This post will equip you to assess and improve the effectiveness of your marketing efforts to see what’s working and what’s not.

How to Measure Your Marketing Effectiveness

How to Measure Website Effectiveness

To see how well your business website is aiding in your marketing efforts, pay attention to the following indicators:

Search Engine Ranking

Assess your ranking:

Your search engine ranking is an indicator of the visibility and credibility of your business. To assess your ranking, perform a Google search for various keywords related to your business and location. Does your website show up on the first page? Which searches trigger search engines to show your website? Do some pages on your website rank higher than others?

Improve your ranking:

•  Get a mobile-responsive website.
•  Include relevant keywords on your website pages and blog posts.
•  Add your location to your website.
•  Add a products/services page.
•  Start a blog

Website Traffic Growth

Measure your traffic growth:

It’s not website traffic itself that indicates your website success, but rather the growth in website traffic. To get a clear picture of your website traffic trends, use an analytics platform like Google Analytics. Many marketing automation platforms also offer this type of reporting.

Improve your traffic growth:

•  Use the SEO tactics above, with special emphasis on blogging. A high volume of high-quality content is your best bet to organic traffic growth.
•  Promote your pages and posts on social media, industry sites, and forums.
•  Collaborate with micro-influencers to include links to your content in theirs.

Visitor Engagement

Measure visitor engagement:

Visitor behavior helps you to understand how effective your website is at engaging visitors and meeting their needs. One visitor behavior metric is bounce rate, which is is the percentage of visitors that have left your website after only viewing one page.

Improve visitor engagement:

•  Have an intuitive navigation menu
•  Compress or reduce file sizes to improve page load time
•  Organize your content with headings for easier consumption of information
•  Use clear call to action phrases so users know exactly where a click will take them.

How to Measure Lead Generation Effectiveness

Size of Email List

Assess size of email list:

Is your email or blog subscription list stagnant, dwindling, or growing?

Grow your email list:

•  Offer something of value to people in exchange for their email address
•  Set up tracked links to see which offers perform best
•  In your contact page, remove your email address and replace it with a contact form.
•  Include calls to action on your website to join your email list or subscribe to your blog.
•  Increase traffic to your website where visitors can become leads.

Volume of Phone Calls

Improve volume of phone calls:

•  Set up tracked phone numbers to identify the specific source and piece of content that encouraged the lead to call your business.
•  Make your phone number or other call to action button clearly visible on your homepage.
•  Use a tap-to-call feature for mobile visitors.
•  Get listed in online directories.

How to Measure Email Marketing Effectiveness

Here is a quick rundown of email marketing success metrics:

Open Rate

Measure open rate:

Open rate is the number, by percent, of emails that are opened out of the total number of emails that were delivered. Aim for at least a 20% open rate.

Improve open rate:

Optimize subject lines
Deliver at the right time
Identify a sender name that your readers resonate with most.

Click-Through Rate

Measure click-through rate:

Click through rate is the measure of how many people click on the links you put in your marketing emails.

Improve click-through rate:

•  Create an obvious CTA to reduce the risk or uncertainty of clicking.
•  Include fewer links to eliminate distractions.
•  Position CTA above the fold to ensure visibility.


Measure conversions:

A conversion refers to the completion of an action that you want your email recipients to take, such as filling out a form.

Improve conversions:

•  Use effective CTAs.
•  Use optimized landing pages.
•  Offer something of value.
•  Nurture your leads to make them more comfortable with converting.

Measuring Social Media Marketing Effectiveness

Measure social media engagement:

Social media marketing success indicators are listed below, and can be found through the analytics feature offered by most social media platforms.
•  Followers
•  Likes
•  Shares
•  Comments
•  Direct Messages

Improve social media engagement:

•  Post less: The Facebook and Instagram algorithms will penalize you if you’re posting more with less engagement. Focus on quality, not quantity.
•  Diversify your content: Provide useful information in different ways to hold interest.
•  Run giveaways or contests: These are sure to boost engagement and get more followers.
•  Use questions: End your social posts with questions, to invite your followers to share their answers, opinions, or feedback.
•  Use tags, hashtags, and locations to enable more people to find you.
•  Tag people whenever possible to encourage sharing and further your reach.

How to Measure Your Event Marketing Effectiveness

If you’re looking for tips on measuring your event marketing effectiveness, Endless Events has a great post you can check out here.


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