• How to Market on Instagram (Effectively)

How to Market on Instagram

Instagram has quickly grown into a wide-reaching social network with a great deal of influence. Instagram’s 700 million users share an average of 34 billion photos per day. —that’s more than four times as many photos as there are people on the entire planet (source: Statistics Brain). The frequency and popularity of content, as well as the high levels of engagement on the part of Instagram users, is what makes Instagram a great place to promote your small business.

How to Market on InstagramWhy Market on Instagram?

Why market on Instagram?


Instagram is a free platform (unless you choose to advertise on Instagram) that, when used correctly, can help to build your audience, generate leads, and get more customers.


Instagram is an extremely popular platform, with almost one-quarter of internet users using Instagram, and each user spending an average of 32 minutes per day using the app (Source: Recode).


If you’re looking to target receptive audiences who are ready and willing to engage with your posts and ads, Instagram is your marketplace. The average post engagement rate on Instagram is among the highest of all social networks at 3.31% (compared to a 0.07% average engagement rate per tweet on Twitter Source: AdWeek).


Plus, now that Instagram advertising is backed by Facebook, businesses small and large have access to the many benefits that come with advertising, like highly targeted advertisements to reach a specific audience. Instagram has also introduced business profiles that you can use to help promote your business.

Cater to Your Marketing Funnel on Instagram

Not only is Instagram an easy-to-use platform with ready-to-engage users, it is highly versatile in terms of which marketing goals it can help your business achieve. You can effectively market at any stage of your business, and to any stage of your sales/marketing funnel through Instagram.

Build an Audience

If your business is just starting out (or just starting with online marketing), use Instagram to get your name out in your local and virtual community by adding your location and using hashtags.

Develop Your Brand

If you’re a bit further along in your business marketing and are distinguish yourself from competitors, the visual focus and freedom you have with captions and filtering make Instagram a great platform for building your brand.

Generate Leads on Instagram

Use Instagram marketing campaigns to showcase your products, run giveaways, and promote sales and deals—which can attract potential buyers to your business profile and website, where you can build relationships and trust.

Turn Instagram Followers into Customers

Nurture your Instagram leads and loyal followers with special deals, discounts, and direct messaging to convert them into happy customers.

Strategies to Effectively Market on Instagram

Engage with Followers

Just because users are highly engaged on Instagram doesn’t mean you can sit back and watch your business market itself. Take a few minutes each day to check out the pages of your followers and comment on their photos. Respond to their comments and spark future engagement with questions in your captions.

Use Hashtags

All savvy businesses should be using hashtags to market their business on Instagram to expand their reach, find relevant followers, and build their network.  Find which hashtags relevant to your industry are most popular or searched for, and try to incorporate them frequently. Use these hashtag dos and don’ts for guidelines.

Run Instagram Contests and Giveaways.

Contests and giveaways are great ways to attract new followers and keep your current audience engaged. People love free stuff, and contests and giveaways are great ways of advertising your product or service for relatively little cost—that is, if you do it right. Use our Instagram Giveaway Guide for insider tips.

Use Stories

Instagram Stories create a unique and practical way to publish real-time content frequently without having to worry about its algorithm. Check out 10 Reasons to Use Instagram Stories to learn more.

Advertise on Instagram

Instagram advertising allows you to capitalize on the high engagement rate and aesthetic appeal of its platform. With advanced targeting options (geographic, demographic, psychographic), you are sure to reach more people in your target audience and get more relevant subscribers to your offers.

There are many ways to market effectively on Instagram. For even more easy-to-use tips, check out our Instagram tips for small businesses.

Kristen McCormick
Kristen McCormick
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