• How to Make Sure Your Grand Opening Really Is Grand

The opening of your small business is a momentous occasion deserving of a full-fledged celebration. Are you thinking of holding a grand opening party? If so, before you get too deep into planning and the day draws too close, you’ll want to know the keys to success. What are they? None other than thorough preparation, good hosting, bold promotion, and a solid idea or concept for your event. Consider each of those four aspects in a little more detail.

How to Make Your Grand Opening Really Grand

Preparing for Your Grand Opening

The very first step to running a successful grand opening is prep work. If you’re one of those people that like to “wing it,” you might be asking yourself, “Why is this so important?” Think about a few scenarios.

Scenario #1: You choose a date without thinking of popular events taking place around that time. The day you pick just happens to be the day of a major sporting event in your city and many locals already have their tickets. As a result, few people show up for your event.

Scenario #2: The big day arrives and a rush of potential customers flood in. Some are even ready to do business with you right then and there. But lo and behold, your staff is confused. They’re unsure of policies, procedures, features, etc. What a bad impression this leaves!

Scenario #3: The time has come. You open your doors, gleaming with pride and enthusiasm. You wait for the crowds to come rolling in. You wait and wait and wonder where everyone is. Then, you realize you’ve forgotten something very important—promotion! How can people attend an event they don’t know about?

Surely, you can see the benefits of careful planning and prep now. They’ll help you to get the best outcome. But what can you do once the highly-anticipated day finally arrives?


Promoting Your Grand Opening

There are many options for promotion available to you both online and off. The more varied the methods you use, the better the turnout you’ll have. So take every opportunity to get the word out about your event, making sure to leave a memorable impression and tangible reminders of the important date.

Create a Facebook Event, incorporate teasers and reminders into your regular social media posting schedule, and make an announcement on your website. Also, encourage and ask partners to advertise on their websites and social media.

Send emails to any current customers you have, along with suppliers and others you’ll be doing business with. Invite local business owners, family, friends, and related businesses or organizations. Hand out flyers to passersby. Contact the media. Do all you can to advertise and create an air of excitement.

If you can deliver and make your party as amazing as it sounds, the benefits will reach far beyond opening day!

Hosting Your Grand Opening

No doubt, you want your attendees to feel that your event is worth their time. Of course, being prepared and letting people know what to expect beforehand plays into how they feel about it. But so does what you do for them while they’re actually in attendance.

For example, providing exciting or useful takeaways and goodie bags can show your appreciation and win you the favor of the masses.

And generally, anything you take such as email addresses should be compensated for with something of value to your attendees. This is good hosting etiquette and if you follow it, you will see the benefits. That is…if you also promote your grand opening to the max.

Grand Opening Ideas

Are you excited to move forward with planning and hosting your grand opening now? Do you need an idea to help you get started? Here’s a tip. As you think about what kind of event would best for your business and target audience, consider things that most people can’t resist.

For example, sales and discounts are an excellent way to entice people, as are entertainment and food. Therefore, these might be elements you’d consider incorporating into your event. Additionally, you may choose to leverage the core values of your target customer base by partnering with a charitable organization.

There are countless possibilities. So take your time and consider your top ideas from every angle to make sure they’ll get you the best response from those in your area.

Your Grand Opening Will Be Grand

If you start with a brilliant idea for your event, prepare well, take steps to be a good host, and promote your event enthusiastically, you can’t go wrong. You will have done everything in your power to ensure your success and, barring some unforeseen disaster or circumstance, you will succeed. People will flock to your new business, enjoy themselves, and mark the start of a long and strong relationship with your brand. How grand!


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Nia Gyant
Nia Gyant
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