• How to Make Drone Marketing Work for Your Business

The use of drones in advertisements, social media, and pop culture has taken the world by storm. Marketers and business owners see the value in adopting drones into their marketing plan, and as a result, have started to integrate drone marketing. The usage of drones in marketing materials can be used for a number of small businesses, including realtors, landscapers, event planners, colleges, and even insurance agents. Drones provide an aerial view that’s nearly impossible to capture otherwise, and with the right set of tools and experience, can greatly improve your marketing. Here’s how you can make drone video marketing work for your business.

How to Make Drone Marketing Work for Your Business

How to Make Drone Marketing Work for Your Business


As a realtor, showcasing your available homes is vital to the success of your business. While ordinary photos are able to capture the interior of the home, very rarely are buyers and renters able to get a feel for the size and structure without a physical visit. Providing drone images on your listing taken from the exterior of the home are able to give potential clients a more meaningful impression. As drone images are taken from above and around, the images you can display on your website or print ad will be much more robust than a regular camera angle.


A landscaper’s business is completely dependent on being able to craft ordinary yards and homes into attractive displays. Physical appeal is a huge aspect of being a prosperous landscaper, so the quality of your photos, videos, and website content are important to your success. Drone footage can capture your best work from the most unique and well-considered angles. When selecting drone pictures or videos for your landscaping business, be sure to select your best, more thorough work and take shots from all angles of the property. Double check that your images are high quality and cover a wide area.

Event Planners

Coordinating, planning, and executing an event takes time, patience, and skill. While much of the work behind event planning goes on behind the scenes of an event, with the help of drone marketing, being able to display your finished product to potential customers can be incredibly valuable. Use drone footage to shoot your events from an aerial angle to give clients an idea of all the materials you utilize, such as lighting, furniture, and accessories. Adding drone images and videos of past events to your website will help build your brand and provide examples of your work from unique angles.

Insurance Agents

Insurance claims often require extensive investigation to determine the payout and legitimacy, but using drone footage is a great way to cut down on overhead costs and research the claim in real-time. For example, if a claim is submitted for roofing damage that happened earlier that day, as an insurance agent, you could collect drone footage of the roof without requiring an individual observe it. This option can greatly reduce your rate of false claims and investigational costs. Drone marketing can be extremely beneficial for insurance agents, both in lowering costs and collecting more accurate information.

Colleges And Universities

Since a percentage of students never even visit a campus before attending, it is vital to have the most current and attractive photos of your school displayed online and in your marketing materials. Making your school appear welcoming, visually appealing, and spacious, are important aspects to consider when incorporating drones into your marketing plan. Shots of the residence halls, quads, and academic campus can be given a more glamorous look when taken with a drone. Drone images will also help the students to gain a better perspective on the actual size of the buildings and campus without being physically present. College and universities are perfect verticals for drone marketing.

Drone marketing is a powerful tool that, when used effectively, can greatly increase the reach of your small business. Drones are able to take images that are nearly impossible to capture otherwise, such as the roof of a building or the aerial view of a pool. Drones can provide a whole host of benefits for your small business, and help save you money in the long run.

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