How to Interpret Google My Business Insights

Learn 6 important metrics you can track through your GMB Profile, and how to use those insights to improve your marketing.

Creating your Google My Business account is just the first step of many. Sure, the ultimate goal is to have your business show up in local searches so you can reach a broader audience, but Google Mu Business is also designed for learning about your target market. The longer your listing is active, the more information it will gather and store in the handy little side tab called “Insights”, which is what we’re going to be exploring today. To get the most out of this post, we strongly recommend having your Google My Business listing open so you can follow along and get a clear understanding of each of the metrics.

1. How Customers Find Your Listing

This Google My Business Insights metric shows you the total number of potential customers that found your listing in the given time period. It also breaks this number down into three distinct categories so you can get a better idea of how your audience is finding you. Direct searches occur when a potential customer searches specifically for your business name or address. Next are branded searches, which define users that found your listing through searching for a brand that might be related to your business. Lastly, you have discovery searches. These are broad searches for a product, category, or service that your brand offers. Keeping a close eye on this metric will help you keep track of the way your listing is performing over time.

2. Search Queries

The search queries metric in Google My Business Insights is incredibly helpful when it comes to learning about the specific keywords that customers are using to find your brand online. By breaking down the most common terms or phrases that your listing appears for, you can tailor your posting strategy to target the queries that are giving you the most exposure. In addition, you can also use this metric to get new keyword ideas for content that get posted on your listing or website. For the best results, we strongly recommend keeping a close eye on this metric since keywords can change on a weekly basis.

3. Where Customers Find You on Google

If you’re really trying to drive foot traffic to your business location, this Google My Business Insights metric will be invaluable in helping you track your progress. Understanding where customers find you on Google will let you know where the bulk of potential customers are seeing your listing—in a Google search, or on Google Maps. The graph layout also allows you to see ups and downs throughout the week as well as seasonal changes when viewing the quarterly chart. Be sure to religiously check this metric when employing marketing strategies that are designed to boost exposure.

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4. Customer Actions

Serving as one of the most important metrics Google My Business Insights has to offer, the Customer Actions section shows you how visitors are interacting with your listing. Depending on the features you want accessible on your listing, this metric will track the number of customers that visit your website, get directions to your location, call, and even directly message you.

What makes this metric so important is that it gives you the ability to track the actions you find most important. For example, if you know calls are giving you the highest conversion rates, you can create posts and content that prompt more customers to call your business. You can also use the Customer Actions metric to identify areas of improvement in your marketing strategy.

5. Phone Calls

The Phone Calls metric on Google My Business Insights expands on Customer Actions by giving you a more detailed analysis of calls made to your business. Using the default chart that breaks it down by days of the week, you can easily identify busier and slower days. This tells you when customers are most actively looking for whatever it is you offer, allowing you to pinpoint the best days for special offers and marketing promotions. Getting even more detailed, the Phone Calls metric allows you to also view call frequency by time of day . Using both the days of the week and time of day charts together, you can get a solid idea of when customers are most likely to call your business.

6. Photo Views

While at first glance you may not think much about the Photo Views metric, it’s actually quite helpful. This section of the Google My Business Insights page shows you the number of times your photos have been viewed in the given time frame. With this information, you can gauge how customers are reacting to your photos—are they clicking them, or not?

You also have the option of distinguishing between photos posted by you or your customers. Why might that be helpful? Well, just because you think you posted the best pictures of your business doesn’t mean you actually have. In fact, it may be a photo posted by a customer that’s warranting the most clicks, which gives you further clues as to what your customers want to see.

Tie Your GMB Insights Together

If you’ve been following along on your own Google My Business listing, by now, you should have been able to collect a wealth of valuable information from the Insights tab. Even though certain metrics may be more important than others depending on your business, to make the most of Insights, it’s best to use them all together. Additionally, it’s always good to share this information with your marketing team so that they too can brainstorm ideas and help gauge overall performance. We hope you learned a lot about the power of Google My Business Insights in this post, and some creative ways you can use the data to grow your brand locally.

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