• How to Build Up Your Google Reviews

How to Build Up Your Google Reviews

Reviews are a powerful marketing tool for your small business! Learn why they are so important and how to get reviewed on a regular basis.

How to Build Up Your Google ReviewsHow to Build Up Your Google Reviews

Why reviews are important

  • Great reviews build trust that consumers will have a good experience at your business or with your services. In fact, 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.
  • Today, the majority of consumers read reviews before making a purchase decision. It has become part of consumer behavior that cannot be ignored.
  • Google rewards businesses which frequent and great reviews. They are a critical component of Google’s ranking algorithm, which means that more great reviews can help you move up in local search results.
  • Reviews are free! There are no fees to leave reviews or to respond.
For more help with Google My Business, head to our GMB Knowledge Center with free help and how-to articles.

How to generate reviews

Make it a habit to ask your customers to review your business. This is most successful when done immediately following the service provided. You can ask customers in person during a conversation or in an email that is sent as a follow-up. When you send emails, be sure to make it as easy as possible by providing a direct link to your Google listing.

Please note that you must follow Google’s guidelines when soliciting reviews. This means you should not offer any rewards and should ask your customers equally – whether they seem to have had a positive or negative experience.

See sample text to use when asking your customers for reviews:

  • We’d love to get more reviews on Google. When you have a minute, please share your feedback about our business!
  • Please take a minute to leave us a review on Google! We’d love to get your feedback.
  • Thank you for choosing our business! If you don’t mind, please leave us a review on Google.
  • We appreciate your business! We’d love to hear how we did. Please leave us a review on Google.
  • We’d love your help! Please review us on Google.

How to create a review link to your Google page

  • Search for your business on Google using the business name and address.
  • Find your business listing and click Write a review. A screen will pop up.
  • Copy and paste the URL you see in your address bar.
  • It’s a long link and you can use services like bitly.com to shorten the link if needed.
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