• How to Increase the Visibility of Your Small Business Blog

If you want to build your relationship with your target audience and the size of your target audience, your business needs a blog. A blog benefits your business in relation to your target audience by earning their trust, and proving your value, and ultimately getting you more customers. However, simply publishing your blog posts is only the first step in getting your blog in front of your target audience. It is important to promote your business blog through multiple marketing channels, and to utilize every opportunity possible to make your blog known to others. Here are eight ways to increase the visibility of your business blog.

How to Increase the Visibility of Your Small Business Blog

Ways to Increase the Visibility of Your Business Blog Through Email

Subscription Opt-In

One way to promote your business blog and increase its visibility is to allow readers can subscribe to your blog. This means that they will get an email notification whenever new posts are published.

You might put a subscribe button on your blog homepage with a call to action phrase like “Don’t miss a post! Subscribe to this blog”. Or you might put a call to action button on the sidebar of your posts that says “Like what you’re reading? Subscribe to this blog!” You can also incentivize people to subscribe to your blog with small offers, like a free eBook or small discount.

Email Newsletters

If you have an email newsletter, this is a great channel for increasing the visibility of your business blog. These newsletters can contain the posts published in the past week or month, with a brief description of what each one is about and a link to each post. The advantage here is that even if people don’t read or open the email right away, it will remain in their inbox and serve as a natural reminder, and they might return to it at a later time. While there are many benefits of social media, the downside of promoting blog posts on them is that your posts will get buried under hundreds of new posts in a person’s feed very quickly.

Another approach with a newsletter is to put out a quarterly or bi-annual email with a list of the most popular blogs. Knowing that other people have taken interest in your articles will encourage others to read them too.

Email Signature

Speaking of email, here’s another way to use it to increase the visibility of your business blog. Put the link to your blog homepage into your email signature. You could do this for your personal account, professional account, or your business’s general info email account if you have one. You’d be surprised at how many people you correspond with to whom your blog is relevant, but was not known! Including it in your out of office replies is also a great way to still be useful to people even when you’re not around.

Drip Emails to Leads

Leads are people who have indicated interest in your business by providing their contact information, usually in exchange for something of value, like a piece of content. However, it may take several additional engagements with your business over time for a lead to eventually become a customer.

One way to continue engagement with your leads is through drip emails. Reach out to them once a week with useful information, ideally information related to their initial encounter with you. Your standout blog posts make great material for drip email campaigns. You can include a link to the post with a brief description that connects the post to the original offer the lead pursued.

Not only is this a great way to increase the visibility of your blog, these forms of engagement over time allow people to get more familiar with your business and learn to trust you—which increases their chances of becoming a customer.

Ways to Increase the Visibility of Your Business Blog Through Your Website

Add Blog to Website Homepage

A good business website provides the most important information up front but at the same time makes it easy for people who want to take a deeper dive to do just that. Putting your blog on your business website will increase its visibility by putting it in front of people who know you exist but didn’t know you had a blog. It will also help prospective customers to assess your knowledge and expertise before making a purchase.

Make sure that whatever path users take to get to your blog from your business website is easy to see. Whether it’s a button, call to action, menu item or navigation element, website visitors should be able to identify it quickly upon arriving at your homepage, without having to take additional action or put in additional thought.

Include Related Posts

Another way to get more of your website visitors to see your blog is to include links to blog posts that are relevant to specific pages or sections of your website. If you have a page describing the services you offer, you could include a link to a blog post you wrote that is related to that service (why it’s important, what it entails, etc.). This not only gives your blog more visibility, it gives customers more insight into your expertise on the subject and your desire to be informative.

Improve Blog Navigation

Giving users visibility into your blog as a whole is important. Rather than feeling confined to one page, you want them to be aware of and able to access other posts. This way they can see that you have more to offer than just the post they are reading, and will be more likely to stay on your blog longer.

Go to the homepage of your blog and make sure it is easy to quickly identify the general gist of what the blog is about.  Are there categories to choose from, so that readers can select articles based on topics or dates, and discover new topics? Are these categories only visible on the homepage or do they remain visible in specific blog posts? Are you assigning each post to its proper category? You may also want to use tags to quickly provide a more detailed idea of what each post is about.

Thank You Pages

When someone in your target audience makes a purchase or downloads a piece of content, it is a common practice to direct them to a thank you page. You might want to include a link to your blog or even a specific post in your thank you page. This is a great way to increase the visibility of your business blog to people who are highly interested in your business. After all, they have already engaged with it! Just make sure the content is relevant to the action you’re thanking the person for taking.

Note: a thank you page is not the same as a landing page. It is not a landing page best practice to promote your blog on these pages, since landing pages are designed to guide users toward one specific action. Any additional links or calls to action on a landing page will distract the user away from taking the ultimate action you want them to take.

The visibility of your content is just as important as the content itself. After all, if people don’t see what you’re putting out, how can they learn to trust you, let alone form an opinion about you? Increase the visibility of your blog to get more of the right eyes on your content, and more of the right people learning about your business.

Kristen McCormick
Kristen McCormick
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