• How to Improve Your Social Media Posts

How to Improve Your Social Media Posts

Are your social media posts falling short when it comes to likes, comments, shares and so forth? If so, there could be many issues to blame. Your posts could be irrelevant, too centered on your business, boring or a host of other things.

That raises this important question: How can you make your social media posts better? More interesting? More motivational? More representative of your business? Here are ten ways.

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How to Improve Your Social Media Posts

10 Ways to Make Your Social Media Posts Better

1. Create Shareable Content

Ultimately, you don’t want to post only for current followers. You want to generate new interest in your business as well. One great way to increase your reach is to make your posts shareable.

If they are, followers and even others will get those posts in front of their audiences. If their audiences share similar interests, you’ve gained added exposure for your business.

There’s very little additional effort required on your part. You simply post something worth sharing and let your audience take it from there.

2. Provide Social Media-Specific Offers

One way to get people excited about your presence on social media is to offer perks to those who follow you. Perks might include special deals and discounts or exclusive access to gated content.

Frequent offers will keep followers on the lookout and engaged. (Looking to get more followers?)

3. Share User-Generated Content

What better way to show appreciation for and interact with your audience? You might encourage them to send in pictures or videos that show them using your products. Or you could also share their testimonials and positive comments. Consumer-generated content can definitely help to improve your social media posts.

4. Use Real Images

Stock photos are useful in a variety of ways, and at times should be used in your marketing. They are great for background images for text and titles. When it comes to social media posting, however, it’s best for you to use real images. Even if the pictures aren’t top quality, they are real and they are unique.

Without modification, stock images can rarely represent your business, your values or your style.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Show Some Personality

What do you think of when you hear the word “business?” Serious, professional, dry, unexciting? It’s true that, no matter what, you should take what you do seriously and always be professional about it.

“Dry and unexciting” don’t have to be a part of the picture, though. In fact, your audience will like you a lot more if those aren’t characteristics of your social media presence. Show some personality, interject some humor, share your inspiration. After all, humans want to do business with humans, not personality-less robots.

6. Be Conversational

The only people who enjoy one-sided conversations are the people doing all the talking. Make sure that your social media posts give your followers the opportunity to join in the conversation. Invite and encourage them to do so by asking interesting questions.

7. Share Curated Content

The rule of thumb is that 20% of your SMM strategy should the promotion of your business while the other 80% should be about educating your audience. Speaking of the 80%, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you should always be the one providing the education.

You’re not the only one who can provide valuable insights to your audience on your industry or the common concerns and interests of your audience. And you definitely don’t want to appear as if you believe that you are. How can you avoid this pitfall?

Share curated content with your audience. Spotlight noteworthy content from industry authorities and experts with fresh perspectives and information. You’ll be more respected for it and you won’t constantly feel pressured to create new content.

8. Include CTA’s

Social media is part of your marketing strategy. You’re not posting with the same purpose as an individual would. You’re trying to attract people to your business in hopes that they will engage. You want to motivate them to take an action.

If you often forget to use calls to action, you’re not progressing towards those goals. The majority of the time online, people won’t take actions that they’re not prompted or asked to take. Don’t forget the CTA!

9. Comment on Common Interests and Causes

Do you share common interests with your audience? Are there causes that you both support? Join the conversation and add your two cents on these topics. Followers will respect you more knowing that your interest and concern isn’t limited to your business.

10. Use Hashtags

If you’re not getting a lot of engagement with your social media posts, it may not be that they are boring or need improvement. They might just need to get in front of the right people. Including hashtags in your social media posts is a great way to expand your reach to a relevant audience and get your messaging in front of those to whom it matters most.

How Will You Improve Your Social Media Posts?

Of course, there are many more ways to take your posts to the next level. Yet, the methods above provide a wide range of benefits. They boost engagement on and off of social media, increase the respect your audience has for your business and much more!

How will you choose to improve your posts so that you can enjoy these benefits?

Nia Gyant
Nia Gyant
Nia Gyant is passionate about helping small business owners create and execute solid marketing strategies, and writes blogs with a particular focus on inbound marketing and branding.

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