• How to Host a Worthwhile Grand Opening Party

Whether it’s your first business or not, your grand opening is both a big deal and a big opportunity. You can leverage and even stoke the excitement that newness creates. By showcasing the noteworthy aspects of your business during this period of heightened interest and enthusiasm, you can set your business up for success.

If you can successfully host a grand opening party worth attending, you’ll be able to keep people coming back time and time again. You’ll even attract others to your business as your party attracts attention and your attendees tell others about it. Of course, this is all good for business! That leaves one question, then: What must you do to make this special event truly worthwhile?

How to Host a Grand Opening


Prepare For the Big Day

A very wise person once said, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” This definitely rings true in the case of grand openings. If you’re not well-prepared, then you’re in trouble. What should you do to get ready for this special event?

To prepare for your grand opening, first, you have to iron out the important details such as the type of celebration you want to have and when. Then, get a headstart on spreading the word to all who will listen. Talk to potential customers, local business owners, suppliers, and the media. It’s not a party if no one shows up, right?

Plan the Day’s Activities

Along those same lines of planning, you also need to outline the day’s activities. Will you be giving a tour of your new building or facility? Will you have guest speakers? Prize drawings? A ribbon-cutting ceremony?

You need to know what you’ll be doing, when it’ll happen, and how long it’ll take. That way, you can whet your attendees’ appetites for what’ll be happening. You can also give them a time frame for the event, fill the allotted time well, and stay on track throughout.

Once you’ve prepped, all that’s left is to actually pull off a seamless grand opening party. What are some of the other keys to successful hosting?

Leverage Real-Time Marketing

Real-time marketing is exactly what it sounds like; it’s done in the moment. It delivers info to your audience fast, while also monopolizing their attention. Connecting with people at the right time elicits genuine, spontaneous, immediate results.

How can you leverage this type of marketing? One of the greatest, most effective tools you have at your disposal is social media. Facebook and Instagram Live, Instagram Stories, Snapchat, and Twitter are all on your side!

Take any and every opportunity to market your business in real-time on opening day. When? As your event starts, your unbeatable offer becomes available or anything exciting happens. Who knows if you could get more people to stop by during your party. Not to mention those who’ll come after the smoke clears and business gets into full swing.

Collect Email Addresses

Fast forward to the days, weeks, and months after your grand opening. Of course, you want to get new customers and clients through the doors. Yet, you also want those who attended your opening party to keep you in mind. How can you prevent them from forgetting about you?

Collecting email addresses facilitates follow-up, which will keep your company top-of-mind. Of course, the methods you use shouldn’t be self-serving or purely in the interest of your business.

You have to make it clear how they’ll benefit from giving their email addresses. Will they be entered to win a prize, get a special discount or some other perk? Will they begin receiving your value-packed company newsletter? Give them something enticing in exchange for their info. That’s the only way you’ll get it before they leave your grand opening party.

Provide Takeaways

Who doesn’t like gifts? Why not show your appreciation to those who took time out of their day to come and support your grand opening? Why not give them a little “taste” of what you do and offer?

While it may be smart to give brochures with business info, don’t discount the power of a real gift. You could offer a goodie bag of items that your potential customers will use and love. If the items are branded, your company will be memorable and receive a little free advertising too.

Your takeaways, if they’re right for your audience, will have people coming back after the grand opening.

Balance and Good Hosting

Doing what’s described above won’t only benefit your company. It’ll also keep people engaged, assuring them that attending your grand opening was time well spent. To label your event a smashing success, you must tick both of those boxes. Now, you’re prepared to do just that!


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Nia Gyant
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