• How to Get More Likes on Facebook Posts

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Ever get the feeling that no one is seeing your Facebook posts? 

Due to changes on Facebook, the organic reach of business posts are down. This means that fewer people are seeing what you’re posting from your business account. As a result, you’re getting less likes on your posts, pictures, and Facebook page. Small business owners who market their business on Facebook are suffering but there are ways to use Facebook for business that make it worth your time.

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Posts about business promotions and upcoming events aren’t effective unless people see them on Facebook. What can you do to get more likes and shares on your Facebook posts?

Get more likes on Facebook posts by creating shareable content

Shareable content includes posts, pictures, and updates that people will like and share on Facebook. Shareable content engages users to like and share the information on their own Newsfeeds. The more likes and shares a post has, the more it will show up in users’ Newsfeeds.

Users engage and share content that they can relate to or want other people to see. Skip the pointless posts about the weather and post something that people want to know, learn about, or see! Share blog posts, pictures, graphics, and information from your blog, Instagram account, or industry sources – helpful, relevant content will engage new customers.

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Use hashtags to get more likes on Facebook posts

Hashtags are a great way to get your business posts found by people who are interested in the topic you’re posting fb trending hashtagsabout. Users looking to streamline information about a particular topic or event search for hashtags on Facebook and other social media sites. Facebook curates a list of trending hashtags that are getting a lot of attention.

Confused about hashtags? Good posts to use hashtags in are:

  • Restaurants: Post menu or drinks for a special event like #KyDerby
  • Retail Stores: Post pictures of baseball merchandise for #OpeningDay
  • Catering Companies: Thank the company who hired you for their event (tag the company!) then use the event hashtag

Tag users to get shares and likes on Facebook posts

Tagging people or other business pages in your Facebook posts will increase the reach of your posts. A post that has customers or businesses tagged in it will show up in the Newsfeeds of friends and followers of the tagged users. Tagging people or businesses will increase the number of people who see, like, and share the post.

Confused about when to tag? Good posts for tagging are:

  • Photographers: Post wedding photos tagging the bridal party and the location venue
  • Preschools: Post a status update about a field trip to a local zoo and tag the local zoo
  • Real Estate Agents: Post a picture of new homeowners (with their permission) after a closing and tag the homeowners

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Get likes by promoting Facebook posts through Facebook Ads

Another way to get likes on posts and offers is to use Facebook Ads to promote those posts to a targeted audience. For more information on this, check out our Facebook Advertising Webinar!

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