• How to Get More Leads From Your Landing Pages

How to Get More Leads From Your Landing Pages

A landing page is a standalone page specifically created for lead generation. Yet, simply having these pages doesn’t mean that you’ll have a steady stream of leads coming your way. Optimizing these pages for the greatest possible appeal and persuasiveness is a must. Below are 9 things you can do not just to increase your chances of getting leads, but to actually start raking ‘em in. This list includes four best practices and five offers that deserve your consideration.


How to Get More Leads From Your Landing Pages

4 Ways to Get More Leads from Your Landing Pages

Below, you’ll learn about four things you can’t afford to forget when creating or optimizing a landing page.

1. Remove Menu Navigation

When a potential lead ends up on your landing page, you primarily want them to convert. To nudge them in that direction, do all you can to keep them focused on that end goal. Removing distracting navigation links at the top, bottom, and side of your pages will help them to reach that. If potential leads leave your landing page—even just to another page on your site—they may never revisit it.

2. Use Concise Headlines

Your headlines should give people a clear picture of what the rest of a page is about without being wordy. Will you be revealing something shocking or interesting? Are you offering to teach something? Will you be sharing some of your most impressive success stories? Whatever your landing page hopes to achieve, set the expectation with your headline.

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3. Don’t Underestimate the Power of Imagery

Research suggests that we process images faster than text. That being the case, you have an excellent opportunity to grab potential leads right off the bat. When coupled with text, you can boost your conversion rate significantly. But be sure to use high-quality, original images that relate clearly to your topic.

4. Remember: CTAs Need TLC

Calls to action have so many elements that can affect conversion rates. You have wording, color, size, and placement to worry about. Plus, there are countless options within each of those categories. Test, test, and test again! There’s probably no perfect CTA, but you can get exceptional results if you take the time to find out what works. So try different variations of your calls-to-action. Change only one element at a time to better gauge impact.

Appealing Offers for Your Landing Pages

Another way to tip the scales in your favor and get visitors to convert is to provide appealing offers—something that your audience feels is worth giving up their contact information for. Here are five such offers.

1. Informational Materials

Your audience would love a guide on a relevant topic. A compilation of valuable information will draw people in, as long as you explain the benefits of your offering. Gating the content can help get you the contact info you’ll need to follow up with your new leads.

2. Webinars

Webinars are an excellent way to attract those interested in gaining knowledge. In most cases, fresh leads will be looking for general industry info, how-to’s, and the like. That being said, it’s best not to center your webinars on your business specifically. This way, you’ll have a wider appeal and more conversion as a result.

3. Free Demos

The point of conversion is critical. Any unanswered questions can produce hesitation that’ll stop leads in their tracks. What better way to eliminate that issue than to offer a free demonstration? Besides answering lingering questions, a free demo will stop leads from feeling pressured into purchasing. They can see how your products work and then decide on next steps. Using their contact info, you can then guide them towards purchasing.

4. Free Quotes

For many, price is a significant concern. Leads feel empowered when fully informed before getting too involved with a business. Especially if you offer specialized services, it would be wise to also offer free quotes.

5. Free Trials

Also a low-risk action, a free trial period screams “no pressure.” Your leads will appreciate the opportunity to try your offerings with little to no commitment. Be sure to make signing up as approachable and unassuming as possible. If you do, you’ll start to see the leads come rolling in.


Do you have landing pages that are currently not performing as well as you’d like? Are you preparing to build a brand new landing page? The best practices outlined above will set you up for success. The offerings listed are like the cherry on top, generating excitement and demand. By combining the two, you can get more leads than you ever thought possible from your landing pages. Get ready to start optimizing!


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