• How to Get More Facebook Reviews for Your Business

How to Get More Facebook Reviews for Your Business

Facebook was originally created as a social outlet, a way to keep in touch with family and friends. However, as you know, it’s purpose has expanded since then. Facebook is now also a global business hub. Needless to say, without a solid presence there, your business is missing out on sales and other opportunities.

Being as popular as it is, the platform may very well be the first point of contact between you and potential customers. After all, millions of people around the globe are active users of this platform. That’s quite an extensive reach! Read on to learn about how to take full advantage of Facebook reviews for attracting new customers to your business.


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How to Get More Facebook Reviews for Your Business

The Importance of Facebook Reviews

You may not even be wondering how to get Facebook reviews, but rather why get them in the first place?

  • Regardless of the demographic you’re targeting, it’s likely that a sizeable portion of your audience can be found on Facebook.
  • Users are no longer just connecting with family and friends on Facebook; they are also searching and shopping for businesses based on customer ratings, reviews, and recommendations.
  • Facebook is a social network where users share their thoughts, ideas, and opinions—not just on personal topics, but also now on businesses they frequent.
  • Just as with Google and Yelp reviews, Facebook reviews aid shoppers in making smart purchasing decisions. As a prominent fixture on your Facebook business page, they can make either a good or bad impression. So, of course, you want positive comments, which bring positive results.

4 Benefits of Facebook Reviews

Consider four benefits to be had if you encourage customers to review your business on Facebook.

1. Improved Search Rankings

Search engines analyze various pages connected to your business to determine their trustworthiness…your Facebook business page included. More mentions and reviews of your business online can have a positive impact, giving your business greater visibility in search results.

2. The Development of Trust

Research has shown that 87% of people are willing to visit a business if it has at least a 3- to 5-star rating. Additionally, some 84% of people say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations (Source: Marketing Profs).

3. More Sales

Positive comments have been proven to increase sales by an average of 18%. Can you imagine what that sort of increase would do for your business?
But that’s not all. Studies have also shown that consumers spend up to 31% more as a result of such comments (Source: Small Biz Trends).
If it’s your goal to boost your small business’ sales, this is one effective way to go about achieving that.

4. Internal Education

Each bit of feedback you get from your customers gives you a more complete understanding of how they feel about your business. What do they consistently love about your products or services? What do they dislike? Are there issues that make the purchasing process difficult for them? Is your customer service consistently exceptional?

Customers can answer all these questions and more. You’ll then be able to make informed decisions that will maintain and widen your happy customer base.

How Do Customers Leave Reviews on Facebook?

When customers head to your Facebook business page, they will see a “Review” button. Clicking on it will reveal an icon resembling a pencil and paper. Clicking it starts the review process. Customers are then able to rate your business from one to five stars and leave a comment.

Before submitting, they can also click on the globe icon and select their preference for who can see their review—everyone or friends only. Clicking “Done” will submit the review and prompt a confirmation message.

If you haven’t reviewed a business yourself, now you know the process your customers will need to follow. That leaves an important question: How can you actually get them to take this action?

Encouraging Customers to Review Your Small Business on Facebook

How can you generate more reviews for your Facebook page? The best way is simply to ask. Many people are more than willing to respond to your polite request. How can you go about asking, then?

  • Create a “thank you” page that will automatically redirect customers to Facebook after making a purchase
  • After every sale, send a personalized email to each customer to assess their satisfaction. When following up with happy customers, direct them to your Facebook page and let them know you’d appreciate their review
  • Every so often, send an email blast to a segment of your customer base, asking for their comments
  • Ask businesses and vendors that you partner with to say a few kind words about working with you
  • Include calls to action in your Facebook posts when appropriate
  • You can also enter your customer’s email addresses to invite them to your page using the “Suggest Page” feature. Simply putting your page on their radar could be enough to prompt them to give feedback.

If you give your customers those gentle nudges, you’ll see results. Not only will you get results, but you’ll also be able to successfully and steadily grow your small business, taking it to new heights!



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