• How to Get Control of a Domain Bought Through Web.com

We’ve recently seen an increase in customers trying to cancel Website service and hosting through Web.com. The process is a bit tricky and unconventional if you purchased a domain through Web.com, so we here’s how to do it if you find yourself in the same boat.

To cancel your Web.com Service:Web.com Domain

1. Call Web.com and ask to cancel your hosting, but let them know you’d like control of your domain name.

We’ve found that the cancellation process is relatively efficient. However, be aware that within a day or so of you requesting cancellation, your Web.com-hosted site will be taken down, meaning you’re without a website from that moment. You’ll want to work quickly to gain control of your domain name, so you can point it at a new website ASAP.

2. Fill out the online form Web.com sends you and pay $99 per domain to release your domain(s).

You should receive the form within 24 hours of your request to cancel service. From what we’ve seen with other web hosting companies, this is where the process is a bit unconventional. We don’t typically come across a request to fill out a form and $99 is a relatively-steep fee for a domain release. But this is Web.com’s requirement and it’s necessary to gain control of your domain.

In addition to the online form you have to fill out, you’ll also be asked to send a fax on a business letterhead to Web.com’s customer support to request release of your domain.

3. Log into your Power Your Name (poweryourname.com) account and change your domain’s DNS records to point at your new Website.

Power Your Name is a domain registrar which is a Web.com property. You’ll receive account login info within about 48 hours of Web.com receiving your domain release payment, online form, and fax.

From what we’ve seen the registration renewal rates with Power Your Name are much steeper than other domain registrars (we’ve seen domains with a renewal rate 3 times as much as other providers in some cases), so it might be in your best financial interests to transfer your domain to another registrar after you’ve pointed your domain in Power Your Name. We’ve had good success transferring domains to GoDaddy.

In summary, expect cancellation with Web.com to cost you around $100 x the number of domains you bought through Web.com and result in your business being without a website for a few days.

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  1. Barry says:

    Thanks for the info and you’re right, web.om makes this process too confusing and unfortunately it’s not good business karma

  2. Barry says:

    Also, when I asked customer support at web.com if they were affiliated with poweryourname.com she denied it…my gut told me otherwise.

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