• How to Generate Phone Calls from AdWords

Generate phone calls from your AdWords campaigns

Generate phone calls from your AdWords campaignsYour business has a website, and you’re advertising online.  You have a form on your website that is collecting lead information from the people who visit, and you’re getting a lot of leads from your advertising.  These form leads are great, you’re building a list of people you can market to with your email newsletters for months to come, and over time many will become paying customers. You’ve noticed however that although your most reliable source of traffic is Google AdWords, your most reliable source of customers is still the phone.  You’re not alone.

Even when someone leaves their personal contact information, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re interested in doing business with you.  The old analogy of your website being like your virtual storefront can be taken a couple steps further.  Imagine clicks as people walking into your store, which would make these form leads something like a customer saying “hello, just browsing”.  They’re in the store and they’re interested in what you have, but you still need to close the deal.

Phone calls on the other hand, have a much stronger intent behind them.  This person is interested, found your phone number and wants to speak to someone directly about your product or service.  They’re basically asking you to sell to them.  In many industries, conversion rates on phone calls are often 10x or more than what they get from their web leads.  So how do you combine your most reliable source of traffic, AdWords, with your most reliable source of leads?  Thankfully, Google has a feature called Ad Extensions that includes a feature for generating calls.

Ad Extensions allow advertisers to add extra information about their business to their AdWords ads.  You can include your business phone number, address and links to specific areas of your site, all of which appear below your regular AdWords ads.  An added benefit of using these features is that ads that have this extra information tend to have much higher click through rates than those that do not.  That means that even if a user doesn’t make use of the feature, they’re still more likely to click on an ad that has them.

There are two types of call systems in place here, “mobile click to call” and “pay per call”.  They might sound the same, but here’s how each one works.  With mobile click to call, your number is being displayed in the search results on a mobile phone, and the user can simply touch the number to dial right on their device (you are charged the normal cost per click for the call).  With pay per call, a special Google-owned number is displayed with your ad on searches performed on a regular computer. When that number is called from a landline or mobile phone you are charged based on a separate bid that you can place at the ad group level. The call gets forwarded from the Google number to whichever number you specified during setup.

Setting up these calling features is a snap.  From your AdWords account, click the Ad Extensions tab at the top and choose Call Extensions from the drop down.Setting up calling features in your AdWords account

Select the campaign that you want to generate calls from, choose which devices you want to target, type in the phone number you want them to call and click save.  That’s it; super easy.  Log into your AdWords account right now and set these up.  You could be getting calls from your AdWords campaigns within the hour.

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  1. Hey Chris: Never even knew this stuff existed and was available. Thanks for the great information.

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