• How to Generate Leads With Social Media

So, you’ve got a business and now it’s time to start expanding your lead generation efforts. Social media has become such a large part of everyday life, that businesses would be shooting themselves in the foot if they didn’t take advantage of these powerful, mostly free platforms.

Not only is social media exceptionally useful at increasing brand awareness and credibility, but it can also be used to generate valuable leads. Whether you want to take an ad-based approach or tap into word of mouth marketing, this article will go over the different ways you can convert your social media followers into leads for your business.


How to Generate Leads With Social Media

How to Generate Leads With Social Media Profiles

Look at your social media profiles as landing pages for potential leads. They not only need to give off a strong first impression, but they should also give them somewhere to go next.

Complete Your Profile

The first and most important step is fully filling out all of the profile areas, especially the contact info and location sections. Some platforms, such as Facebook, have powerful search capabilities that can funnel users to your profile based on locational proximity and even places their friends have checked out.

Include a Link in Your Bio

When filling out the bio section of a social media profile, you have two options for linking to a contact form:
1. Link to a “contact us” page where the user can input their information.

2. Link to a landing page that has been optimized to collect leads.

How to Generate Leads With Social Media Posts

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are incredibly powerful tools that you usually see peppered into Twitter and Instagram posts,  and can be used to broaden your targeted reach. Location-based and industry-specific hashtags are great for reaching a larger local audience as well as users that are possibly already interested in the topic you’re posting about.

This will greatly increase your chances of being found by relevant and qualified leads, which is why it’s of the utmost importance to ensure your profile is set up to impress.

Promote a Webinar

Social media makes it extremely easy to promote webinars to targeted users. Not only will potential leads be able to see and read about the upcoming webinar, but you can also provide them with a convenient registration link so they can take action while you have their interest, and build an audience.

Don’t stop there—inevitably there will be some people who simply couldn’t register or find time for the webinar but are still interested prospects. Promoting and creating a landing page that compiles all of the information covered in the webinar is a fantastic way to continue generating leads even after it’s passed.

Drive Traffic to Blog Posts

What better way to drive traffic to your shiny new blog post than with the use of social media platforms. Use the above hashtag tricks to ensure maximal reach and don’t forget to include call to action buttons within the blog post or around the site so readers can easily become leads.

Share Discount Codes

Last but not least, just about everyone loves a good discount. Create specific landing pages for promotional discount codes that require visitors to put in their email address for access. If they’re truly interested, the temptation is hard to resist.

How to Generate Leads With Social Media Advertising

All of the major social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) have strong paid advertising programs that easily allow you to promote products, services, events, and even free giveaways like an eBook.

Take Advantage of Targeting

The real bread and butter of social media advertising comes down to the ability to create extremely customized and targeted ad campaigns. With Facebook, for instance, you can filter with multiple demographics, location, and even interests or behaviors. A combination of strategic placement and this customized reach makes social media advertising a great lead generating option.

Track and Measure Ad Performance

Let’s not forget to mention being able to track and measure the effectiveness of each ad campaign launched. Having this dynamic capability makes adjusting and optimizing advertising efforts from small tweaks to full reworks fast and easy.

How to Generate Leads With Social Media Engagement

Engage Personally With Prospects

If you have a few potential prospects actively commenting on a post or asking questions, this is a prime opportunity to engage with them and generate leads. Ask for their email or another convenient way to directly converse so you can address their questions, give them a personal experience, and potentially land a new customer.

Conduct Polls & Surveys

As experiential marketing is becoming more and more prevalent, consumers are leaning toward brands that they can engage with. One great way to do this is by conducting polls & surveys that allow customers to give their input and feel involved.

By getting a live pulse of your audience, you’ll be able to better cater to their needs and create lead generating content. Request an email address to see the survey results once it’s completed to keep them engaged.

Create Custom Hashtags

The use of custom hashtags can really help to personalize and separate a brand from competitors. By building a unique following with custom hashtags, you’re making your brand more memorable in the eyes of potential customers which can pay off down the road when they’re ready to make purchase decisions.

Don’t make them too crazy or long—simple, fun, and to the point will do the trick. You can use them for events, product releases, or just about anything else that needs promoting.

This article covered a lot of good information and powerful tips & tricks that can all be used together to maximize lead generation from social media platforms. It’s important to keep in mind that building a strong social media presence takes time, it won’t happen overnight.

As followers and brand credibility continue to rise, naturally, so will leads. With a combination of post promoting, social media advertising, and engagement optimization, you’ll be able to harness the impressive strength of social media to supplement other lead generation efforts.

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