• How to Create the Perfect Instagram Business Profile

As the fastest growing social media platform in the world, Instagram has quickly become a means of building and connecting with your online audience. Instagram can give your business the opportunity to grow your following, increase your influence, gain brand recognition, and boost sales.

The key to success on Instagram begins with the nucleus of your account: your Instagram profile. Whether you’re just setting up your business Instagram account or have an active following, spending a few minutes to optimize your Instagram profile can help your business get found by more customers. You may even want to switch your account over to an Instagram business profile. Here’s a breakdown of what your profile should include to increase visibility, engage your audience, and convert followers to paying customers.

How to Create the Perfect Instagram Business Profile

Creating a Business Instagram Profile

The most valuable part of your account is your profile—it tells other Instagram users exactly what your business is, the services and products you offer, and where you’re located. Instagram profiles contain four sections: username, name, website, and bio.

To maximize your account’s effectiveness and for users to learn more about you, it is in your best interest to fill out each of these sections. Although this may seem like a daunting task, it takes just a few minutes. This post will walk you through what to include in your Instagram profile using an example of a small business with a killer profile.

Choosing an Instagram UsernameUntitled design (2)

The username on Instagram is the name of your account, similar to a handle on Twitter. The username is the name that follows the @ sign that you use to tag people on Instagram. Generally speaking, your business’s Instagram username should be your business name or your handle on other accounts.

From the example here you can see that @mainebrewbus is the username of this business account. The username is also the name of the business, which makes it clear that this account is the Instagram account for the Maine Brew Bus. This handle is also used for the company’s Twitter account.

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How to Change Your Instagram NameUntitled design (1)_1

The name on your Instagram account differs from the username on the account. The name is what you see here in the bio portion of the Instagram profile. What should you use for your business’s Instagram name? Generally you should use your business’s name, but you can use this field to be creative. 

Names on Instagram act in a similar manner to keywords on Google. When users search on Instagram, it’s your name that will be generated in the results. If it’s not clear what your business does from your business name or Instagram username, you can use your Instagram name to make it clear. Local businesses can add their city to their name so that it’s obvious where their business is located.

As you can see in the photo here, the Maine Brew Bus communicates its identity, location, and target market with its Instagram name. This name is consistent across all of its social media accounts, and it’s obvious what they do and where they do it.

How to Add Your Website to Instagram

Untitled design (3)Now that users know who you are, how do you get them to go from your Instagram profile to your business’s website? By including it in your Instagram profile! You can choose to include your company’s homepage, a landing page, or a tracked link for a campaign.

As you can see in the photo here, the business includes a link to its homepage, encouraging Instagram followers to click the link and learn more about the business or sign up for a tour.

How to Write an Instagram Bio

Your bio is the most important part of your profile, and it will undoubtedly take the most effort to complete. This is where you state your purpose, show your brand voice, and prove your credibility.

If it’s not obvious from your Untitled design (4)account, it’s a good idea to mention what your business will be showing on Instagram. This is where you can create your own custom hashtag for your business.

For example, travel agencies will attract different audiences if they choose to post photos of popular vacation spots as opposed to highlighting their latest deals. Try to limit your bio to four lines or less in order for users to see some of your images without scrolling. Consider including your contact information, your business address, awards you’ve received, and a call to action like “Book a Tour!”. 

As you can see in the photo here, The Maine Brew Bus captures its brand voice and purpose in three lines. The bio states the business’s location and that it’s a #1 TripAdvisor tour, immediately bringing legitimacy to the account. This narrative helps establish the business as authentic and well-respected. Even if you knew nothing about the company beforehand, you now recognize that The Maine Brew Bus is a respected tour company in Portland that supports local breweries through original events—all thanks to its Instagram profile!

The Maine Brew Bus is just one of our many clients that have created the perfect Instagram profile and, as a result, have gotten new customers from the platform. What are you waiting for? Create your perfect Instagram profile today! 

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