• How to Create Marketing Videos on a Budget

How to Create Marketing Videos on a Budget

Videos are a fun and effective approach to engage your audience, boost sales, and promote your business. In fact, by adding a video to your website, customers not only are more likely to stay on your site longer but are 64 percent more likely to make a purchase (Source: Blue Corona). When working on a tight budget, the video making process can seem overwhelming, costly, and time-consuming but it doesn’t have to be! Whether you are completely new to the video world or just looking for different ways to improve your work, here are some quick and thrifty tips for video marketing at home.


How to Create Marketing Videos on a Budget

Getting Started

Choose Your Device

You don’t need a fancy camera or a production team to create a high-quality video. One of the most popular video recording devices is actually sitting in your pocket. Along with its many uses, smartphones produce great picture quality for DIY marketing videos. When shooting with a smartphone make sure your phone is positioned horizontally, or in ‘landscape mode.’ This way, your video is properly cropped when it is uploaded to social media platforms including Facebook and YouTube.

Keep it Still

Whichever recording device you decide to use, it is important to keep it steady as possible. The simplest way to do this is to buy a small tripod which can be purchased for both cameras and smartphones alike. However, the easiest way is not always the most affordable way, which is why it is just as useful to use objects around the house to keep your camera or smartphone propped up and still. Setting up your recording device on a chair or desk and using books as support may be a little tougher to do, but nonetheless is just as functional.

Setting Up A Place To Shoot

Elements of your shot can be added or altered in order to give your marketing video a professional look and feel. These factors include lighting, background, clothing, and volume.


Finding the right lighting keeps the quality of the image intact and pleasing to the eye. It also is a great way to incorporate a certain mood to your video. There are many different lighting options out there, but how can you light your shot without all the trouble of hauling around heavy equipment and breaking your bank in the process? Well, sunlight is one of the best free lighting options available. Setting up your shot next to the window or outside in your backyard creates the best natural lighting you can find.


When filming an interview-style video, it is important to choose a background that has depth and is free from all distraction. There are two common backgrounds for interview-style shots.

Single Color

The first is a plain single-color background. For this type of background, you can use a painted wall or hang up a sheet. Position yourself or the interviewee so they are off-center, a couple feet away from the backdrop, and angled slightly away from the recording device. This way, the image will have depth and the viewers will have no trouble separating the person from the background.

Clean Room

The second type of background involves a clean room or office space. This type of background adds complexity to the image without being too disruptive. Although the depth of this background comes naturally, still make sure to position your interviewee off-center and angle them accordingly. Be aware of any distractions though, such as people or pets in the background stealing your spotlight!


Avoid distracting clothing such as heavy patterns and big jewelry while on camera. If you aren’t sure what to wear yourself, or what to advise other people to wear, stick to neutral-toned colors such as beige, grey, black, and white. It is also important to keep in mind the color of your background so you don’t end up blending in.


If you’re using a smartphone or a camera without a microphone extension, it is important to make sure that any voice recordings are done in a place free from background sound. These sounds can include wind, fans, voices, typing, music, animals, cars, and more. Make sure the person talking on camera speaks in a louder voice than their normal conversational style. It’s much easier to turn down the volume than crank it up in editing!


Editing is the most dreaded part of the process. Luckily there are plenty of easy-to-use editing softwares that can be found right on your computer! iMovie and Windows Movie Maker are two editing apps that can be used to clip together your footage and add a special touch of music, text, or transitions to make your video pop! Remember: practice makes perfect when it comes to editing. Below is an iMovie tutorial video to help get you started:




Using the tips in this post, you should be able to come up with marketing videos that aid in your business growth. You don’t have to be a video expert! Just be transparent, purposeful, and always strive to add value and benefit your audience.

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