• How to Create a Holiday Gift Guide Your Customers Will Love

How to Create a Holiday Gift Guide

For most small business owners, the holidays are the most profitable time of year. From gift-giving to festive parties, it seems like the stream of customers never ends during the holiday season. Making sure your audience is able to easily peruse the options you have available is key to increasing your holiday sales and profits. But how can you make it easy for your customer base to find great gifts for their loved ones this time of year while also beefing up your blog content? By creating a gift guide of course! Read on to learn how to create a gift guide to augment your holiday marketing efforts.

How to Create a Holiday Gift Guide

6 Tips for Creating a Holiday Gift Guide

A holiday gift guide is a great way to bring more customers into your store and to your website, and will also help to generate shareable content for your social platforms without spending a single dime. Here are 6 tips on how to create your best holiday gift guide yet.

1. Consider Your Customers

When writing your holiday gift guide, make sure to consider what your audience will be looking for. If you operate a spa and salon, your customer base may be interested in essential oils, candles, yoga classes, or other holistic healing methods. If you are a restaurant owner, mention aprons, kitchenware, and other dining accessories in your gift guide. Look at the products and services that were your best sellers this year, received the most rave reviews, or brought in the greatest profit and include all of the above.

Your current customer base should be your top priority when creating your gift guide, but it will also help with bringing back old customers and attracting new ones. Make sure your holiday gift guide incorporates products and services that your customers will be interested in and likely to purchase based on the services you provide.

2. Share the Spotlight

Not only should your gift guide be clear and informative, but also obviously useful to the customer. This includes promoting products that may not be your own, such as those made by other small businesses in your area or new businesses in your industry that are in need of some recognition.

Reach out to local businesses and offer them the opportunity to be included in your gift guide prior to releasing it, so they have ample opportunity to promote your holiday gift guide on their own social media. Giving your neighbors some free publicity in your gift guide can help to create goodwill and build a profitable business partnership, just make sure not to include any direct local competitors. Don’t be afraid to share the attention!

3. Think Outside the Box

While there’s nothing wrong with a standard gift guide, every customer has a quirky uncle, cousin, or partner that requires special thought for the holidays. They will likely appreciate a present outside the standard gift card, socks, or newest tech device, so make sure your holiday gift guide can accommodate those hard-to-shop-for folks!

Include items that you wouldn’t normally consider, such as foreign snacks, a portable flask, or some modern art to decorate their home. These gifts will help to attract customers who are looking for unique ideas for the holidays. While many customers will gravitate towards the more traditional options, there’s no harm in including a few outliers in your gift guide.

4. Appeal to All Timelines

Making sure your gifts are inclusive of all gift-giving types is important, from the last-minute shopper to the long-distance planner. Your holiday gift guide should include options that can appeal to all timelines, such as craft kits, the materials required for a DIY project, or a trip that requires travel. Your gift guide should also include presents that can be purchased on the fly, such as gift cards, wine, or a heartfelt card. Accommodating all timeframes is important to creating the perfect holiday gift guide.

5. Offer Gift Guide Discounts

A great way to incentivize your customers to purchase from your post is by including a special discount code in your holiday gift guide. While showcasing individual items will certainly bring traffic to your website and storefront, including special discounts on bundles, products, and services mentioned in your gift guide will have your customers excited and ready to spend.

6. Share Share Share

When you complete your holiday gift guide, be sure to share on all your social media accounts to extend its reach as far as possible. Gift guides are a very shareable piece of content that can easily be sent to family and friends in order to give them the opportunity to select the perfect gift. Gift guides should be fun, interesting, and easily digestible, so make sure you are sharing them with all your audiences and spreading the holiday cheer!

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