• How to Create a Facebook Business Page

Facebook business page – A how-to guide

Social media has become increasingly important for small businesses. Facebook business pageWith over one billion users, Facebook is one of the most important social media sites in the world. Many small business owners wonder: Should my business be on Facebook? And more importantly, business owners and entrepreneurs also want to know how to use Facebook for business.  If you’re still asking yourself these questions, you should get started with our post on Creating a Social Media Marketing Plan and once you’re ready to create a Facebook business page, come back for an easy to follow tutorial to get your business page on Facebook right away.

The following article will explain how to create a Facebook business page separate from a personal page. It will also show you the reasons why you should have a Facebook business page versus a personal Facebook timeline for your small business.

Facebook business pages used to be called Facebook Fan pages, so if you’re still confused about the terminology don’t worry, they’re both the same. You don’t need to have multiple Facebook accounts to setup a Facebook Business Page. Your business page will be managed under your personal account, but it will be separate from your personal Facebook profile.

Here are some of the advantages of  having a fan page for your business:

  1. Facebook business page admin panel: You can assign as many admins as you need to allow others in your team to post to your company Facebook page and manage your Facebook admin panel.
  2. Facebook Insights: You will have access to Facebook Insights which will show you detailed analytics around your fans, likes, post activity and reach.
  3. Facebook Ads: Another important difference between a personal Facebook page and a Facebook business page is that with the latter you will be able to advertise and promote your posts using Facebook’s ads.
  4. Facebook Messages: customers will be able to send a direct message to your business without having to request to become your friends with their personal Facebook page.

If you determine that your audience is on Facebook and you want to communicate and engage customers through Facebook, we recommend that you set up a Facebook business page. This Facebook business page will become a hub for you to interact and engage with your customers and prospects at a very personal level. You can tell them about your business, your products, news and you can also answer their questions about your business.  You can also tag people on Facebook to further increase engagement. It’s a great way to establish a conversation with those that are interested in your products or services.

How do I create a business page on Facebook?

Facebook Business Page Selection

Step 1 – To create a Facebook business page, first claim your page on Facebook

  • Select your “Business Category”, for example if your setting up a Facebook page for your your restaurant, select “Restaurant” and if your industry doesn’t show up, you can always select “Local Business”.
  • Fill out your full address, including Street, City, State, Zip Code and Business phone number.
  • Check to “Agree to Facebook Pages terms”
  • Click the “Get Started” button

At this point, Facebook will send you a “Welcome to Facebook Pages” email.

Facebook Business Page Welcome Email

It will include links for you to Build your Facebook PageConnect with people and Engage with your audience.

Step 2 – Setup the details for your business fan page

Having a full profile is critical to maximize your chances of getting found both on Facebook Search as well as on search engines like Google. For Facebook optimization, fill out every item of your basic profile!Facebook Business Page Profile

  • About – Adding categories, a description and links will help improve the ranking of your Page in search.
    • Set the category of your business, for example: financial services.
    • Give a brief description of your business – this will be part of your about us section in your fan page.
    • Add your website link, your Yelp link and your Twitter link (if you have one).
    • Select a unique Facebook web address for your business (vanity URL) – this will boost your presence both online and offline! Facebook does require business owners to have a minimum of 25 followers before allowing you the options of creating a unique URL for your Facebook Page.
    • Check the boxes if you are a real establishment and are authorized to represent it.
  • Profile Picture
    • Upload a profile picture to represent your business. Don’t leave this blank, since many people won’t click on pages without a picture. Choosing your logo or a great visual to show a bit of your business’ personality is a great idea. Once you’re ready, hit “Save Photo”
  • Add to Favorites
    • Add your Facebook Page to your favorites to easily access it anytime.
  • Reach more people
    • You can setup your credit card if you think you will run Facebook advertising. If you’re not ready, it’s ok to skip this step.

Step 3 – Start working on your Facebook page

You are going to see your Facebook page admin panel. facebook admin panelHere you can start working on making your Facebook page a great place for customers and leads to learn about your business. First, you should click on “Like” to like your own business page!

If you want to become a pro, download our ebook to make Facebook work for your business.

Remember that nobody wants to go to an empty place so don’t start promoting your page until you’ve posted a couple of times. If there is no content on your Facebook business page, people are unlikely to click on “Like” when they first land on your page. If you’re eager to start, you can upload a beautiful picture for your cover photo and set your hours of operation. Start posting a couple of things, both comments as well as pictures and videos (people engage with visual content). When you feel comfortable, you can invite your close friends to like your Facebook page. Eventually, as you begin to build a conversation with those people who like your page, you can invite others and potentially even use Facebook Ads to promote your page and get more likes on your Facebook posts.

This is just the beginning, but you’ve learnt how to create a Facebook business page and you’re now ready to start building an audience on Facebook and start engaging with it!

1. Image Credit: Pixabay

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