• How to Add Attributes to Your Google My Business Profile

How to Add Attributes to Your Google My Business Profile

The Google My Business platform uses attributes to help users better understand the businesses they are searching. Attributes differ by industry and may include payment information, parking tips, special accommodations, and more. Read on to learn more about what attributes are, how they help your business, where they appear, and how to add them to your Google My Business profile.

How to Add Attributes to Your Google My Business Profile

What are Attributes in Google My Business?

Attributes are the smaller details about your business that

Attributes may be used to describe amenities, offerings, payment options, and more.

Types of Google My Business Attributes

There are two types of attributes. Factual attributes are chosen by you, while subjective attributes appear based on the feedback of your customers. There are also different groups of attributes depending on your category. Here are some examples of industry-specific attributes:

  • Hair salon: takes walk-ins, accepts credit cards
  • Restaurant: outdoor seating, gluten-free options, casual atmosphere
  • Dry cleaner: drive-through, tailoring services

More examples of attributes include wheelchair accessibility, parking, pick-up or drive-through options, dogs allowed, organic products, and the list goes on.

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Where do Attributes Show Up

Attributes for your business appear in both Google search and Google Maps. They show up below your business description. If you have several attributes selected, users can click or tap on the description to see the full list. On Mobile, you may see a “More about this place” call to action.

Why You Should Choose Attributes for Your Business

So why should you choose attributes for your business?

  • The more information you provide to Google, the better Google can match you to relevant searches in Google Search and on Google Maps
  • More details about your business can provide the information that consumers are looking for to make their decisions. Don’t leave potential customers wondering, since they might just move on to the competition.
  • It’s easy to do and take just a few minutes. It’s just a matter of checking the attributes that fit your business and unchecking those that don’t apply.

How to Choose Attributes for Your Google My Business listing


  1. Log into your Google My Business account
  2. Choose Info
  3. Look for Add attributes next to the tag icon and click on the pencil to edit
  4. Review and select attributes for your business
  5. Attributes that have not been set are shown with a “+” symbol
    Important: Click or tap twice if an attribute does not apply.


  1. Go to the Google My Business mobile app
  2. Tap Profile, then Edit
  3. In the Attributes section, tap Edit
  4. Update your attributes then tap Apply
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