• How Facebook’s Graph Search Will Help Your Business


This week at Propel, we’re celebrating our interns! Check out what Social Media Intern Myles has to say about the new Graph Search update from Facebook…

What’s new with Facebook

Facebook has launched Graph Search, and new enhancement to improve searchability on the social network.

Graph Search is a new feature on Facebook that allows people to search for content across all their Facebook friends. Users can now view old posts and content they may like based on what they search. This gives people better visibility into what their friends like and more exposure to new things. This is a big advantage for businesses, which can take advantage of the new feature to gain a larger reach of customers.

With Graph Search, a user can search for content such as:

  • Friends who like surfing and Star Wars
  • Bands my friends listen to
  • Mexican restaurants my friends have visited
  • Dentists my friends in New York like

How Graph Search will help businesses

Graph Search is yet another important reason why businesses need a Facebook presence. With this feature, companies now have much better access to people who are already searching for companies in their industry. These people look for help from their friends in making a decision on who to hire or what brand to buy. People place high value on the opinions of those they know and trust.

With Graph Search, every Facebook “Like” has become an opportunity. Each user’s “Likes” gives businesses the opportunity to recruit more customers based on word of mouth. It’s so important now to offer the best customer service to your customers, to encourage positive word of mouth on Facebook, where friends and family are more likely than ever to see it.

Be sure to search your business competitors with Graph Search to see who they are targeting, add new content to keep users engaged, and encourage customers to check-in if your business has a physical location. All of these steps can help make the most of Graph Search and your new potential customer audience.

Through combining great customer service and Facebook’s new feature, companies can expect a new inflow of customers to connect with, thanks to increased visibility and recommendations from friends.

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