• How Can a Blog Help Attract New Customers for Your Business?

BlogWhy should your business have a blog?

Many small and medium sized businesses wonder whether starting a business blog is a good idea for them. A blog is a great way to attract customers and to reconnect with your existing ones. On top of this it will add dynamism to your website making it a source of fresh information for both customers and search engines.

In this post, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using blogging as a marketing tool for your business.

Social media has changed the way people communicate, not only with each other but also with the companies they like (or hate) and the people behind them. At the same time, consumers are more informed than ever. They are constantly using search engines to learn about products and they read articles and blogs online to come up with their own opinions, which they are always ready to comment on.

A blog can be a useful marketing tool for small businesses to engage with customers. It allows you to consistently remind the world what you are doing and why you are doing it. It also helps drive traffic to your website and attract new leads. You can think of every blog post as a building block for your online presence. Once someone lands on your blog and realizes that your content is interesting and relevant, they will keep coming back to read more. Remember that it’s your duty to post consistently and to make sure that the content of your blog posts is interesting to your audience. As these blog posts accumulate, so will your repeat readers. Eventually you will see a significant increase in traffic to your website driven by your blog.

One of the best parts of blogging, other than it being a fun way to share knowledge and experiences with your customers, is that it will help you improve your search engine ranking.  You are generating fresh content for your website and driving traffic through organic search. This signals to search engines that your site is interesting, relevant and that the information in there is recent. We recommend posting at least once a week, although this depends on your industry and how much time you have available.

Don’t think of blogging as a chore, think of it as a way to talk to your customers and at the same time as a way to hear back from them. It is a way to establish a conversation and to strengthen your brand. As with every social media activity, it is important to commit and make sure you have the time and resources needed to execute it successfully. This means blogging consistently and writing relevant content. Remember that users will come back often and if they don’t find new information, you might lose them forever.

Remember that all things come at a cost and a blog can open up the doors for the world to talk about you, your company, and your brand. It’s in the comments section where the conversation will take place and you must be ready to embrace both praise as well as complaints. We believe that if you are honest and want to deliver the best product or service to your customers, a blog is a great tool to learn from them and improve your offering.

So get your creativity flowing and start a blog! Share experiences and opinions with your customers; help them learn about your products, services or industry. Don’t be discouraged from the technicalities behind setting up a blog. There are many turnkey solutions to start blogging right away. If you need more guidance, stay tuned to our upcoming posts where our HivePros will show you the best way to jumpstart your own blog.

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