• How brands are using Vine


Still not sold on Vine videos for your business?

What can those 6 second videos really do to promote your products, exhibit your services, and show off your company’s great culture? You’d be surprised. 

Mashable has put together a list of 15 well-known brands that are killing it on Vine, making phenomenal use of this new platform to get vibrant visuals of their business out front and center.

Who made the list?

Brands like Gap, Marc Jacobs, and French Connection make the top 5, but it’s not a runaway contest for clothing retailers. Samsung, Volkswagon, and even Lowes made the cut! All these companies have found great, dynamic ways to promote their business and highlight their products through the fun new medium that is Vine.

See the full list (and a few of their Vines) here.

Of course, it’s not just multi-million dollar brands that can take advantage of Vine. That’s the beauty of social media! Whether you’re a one-man operation, and team of 20, or a corporation of thousands, there’s always a way to make social, including videos, work for your business. 

Consider a small town flower shop. Vine videos could be used to show the steps going into making beautiful bouquets. A bakery could do the same with the stages of a wedding cake. A landscaper could make a video of the crew out enjoying the weather making customers’ lawns look great. There are millions of ways to get creative with Vine and show off your personality.

Now are you on board with Vine? It might just be the new “it” strategy in marketing!

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