• Holiday Facebook Examples and Ideas

Facebook Holiday Post Examples and Ideas

Facebook is becoming less and less like a social media platform, and more and more like a visual search engine. You can search for posts, businesses, links, and people. You can filter by location or date, group or poster. Getting your business on Facebook and optimizing it to be discovered by more users is more important than ever. If you’re looking for ways to add a holiday theme to your posts this year, take a look at these ideas and real examples below.

Facebook Holiday Post Examples and Ideas

Gift Promotions

Sway Aveda Spa presents a special holiday promotion for their gift cards: presented in an organza bag with chocolates for personal touch, or online for convenience.

facebook holiday ideas spa

They also made sure to update their cover photo with other features of their gift card deals.

facebook holiday ideas spa

Entice Shoppers

Ogawa Coffee uses their beautiful froth art to attract buyers in the name of the holiday spirit. They also recommend what to order, which removes further barriers to entry for customers.

holiday facebook post coffee shop

Announce Your Hours

Ogawa is also a good example of using Facebook to announce your holiday hours.

holiday facebook post announce your hours

If you’ll be closed, let your customers know when you’ll  be back in again, and be sure to post at least a day or two in advance.

facebook holiday posts we'll be closed

Change your Cover photo

Doterra adds a seasonal spirit to their Facebook business page with a holiday-themed cover photo.

doterra facebook cover holiday

Real estate agents can do it too!

facebook holiday real estate cover photo

Share Decoring Tips

Another holiday marketing campaign to try is to post helpful holiday tips such as the one below.

doterra holiday facebook post tips

Share Time-Saving Tips and Recipes

facebook holiday recipes

Simple Winter Sale

Rather than focusing on a specific holiday, you could also post about a winter sale on Facebook. Even plumbing companies can get in the spirit!

holiday facebook plumbing winter white sale

Announce Your Holiday Drive

No matter what industry you’re in, you can run a charitable holiday campaign. Encourage participation by posting about it on Facebook.

holiday facebook posts charity auto repair

Announce Your Holiday Drive

If you’re in the financial services industry, these holiday Facebook posts are super relevant but don’t limit yourself if you’re not. Everyone likes money-saving tips, and by attaching them to the holidays, you make them relevant to your audience.

facebook holiday money tips

facebook holiday debt tips

Make Your Cover Photo a Simple Tutorial

This lifestyle influencer took her holiday-themed cover photo a step further by making it a tutorial video on how to tie a bow. This is a great way to add immediate value to your Facebook business page.

facebook post holiday cover video

Funny Holiday Facebook Posts

This DIY influencer has a video on her Facebook page that shows you how to make various types of handmade greeting cards. In addition to being helpful, she uses humor and singles’ pain points to resonate with her younger audience.

Facebook holiday posts humor

(This is just a screenshot from the video.)

Support a Local Cause or Event

If you’re sponsoring a local event, share it on Facebook. This home heating company is also able to promote their business as their services are relevant to the winter season.

facebook holiday posts home heating

Here’s another local cause-related post:

facebook holiday post ideas local cause

Post a One-Day Holiday Sale

Celebrate the holidays by giving discounts to followers who mention you in their social media posts.

facebook holiday posts chiropractor

Post a Month-Long Holiday Special

This window and siding company used Facebook to announce their December holiday special. While it doesn’t have a picture, it does include all of the necessary details and a clear call to action.

facebook holiday post ideas window and siding

Encourage Phone Calls with a Facebook Post

This is a great way to integrate your offline and online marketing. This dental group is encouraging phone calls through their Facebook business page, with a “code phrase” for saving $100.

facebook holiday posts dental

Share Store or Office Decorations

Even if you don’t change the colors or cover photos of your accounts to be seasonal, posts with holiday decorations will help to embellish your page.

facebook holiday posts office decoration

Promote Christmas Gear

There’s a lot of focus on Christmas gifts and 2018 gadgets during the holiday season, but don’t forget about items people are looking for to attend their gift-giving events!

facebook holiday post ideas christmas gear

More Holiday Post Ideas

Don’t forget about Instagram and Google My Business! (Yes you can post to your Google listing). Here are some helpful blog posts to help you with these platforms:

There are a number of ways to use Facebook to reach new customers, engage current customers, build your audience, and promote your business during the holidays. If you are already running any promotions or sales, start by posting about them on Facebook. If you are strapped for time and resources, simply posting some seasonal pictures will help followers and customers to know that you’re active and available to serve them.

This post was published November 2018 and updated December 2019

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