• Have a Super Season


We’re into February now and that means two things: (1) the year is well underway and (2) the Super Bowl is this weekend.

At the start of any new year, you might be off to a slow start recovering from the holidays and getting going with new marketing plans. By now, however, you should be ready to take on the competition.

But… what can you learn from the Super Bowl (other than how to devour buffalo wings and 7-layer dip and still save room for more) and how can you apply that to your business?


Bowl over your customers with these 3 digital marketing tips!

  1. Follow the playbook. There’s no point in winging it, it’ll only lead to chaos. Define your marketing strategy – and stick to it! Plan out what promotions you want to run, when they’ll happen, and what marketing tools are best for getting them out there. While there’s always a time and place for last-minute changes, following your plan will keep you cool and collected so you’re ready to take on whatever gets thrown your way.
  2. Listen to your coaches (a.k.a. your analytics)! Making data-driven decisions is the key to your success. Whether you’re running a Display Ad or writing new blog content, the insights found in your website traffic should inform the decisions you’re making every day. What customers like most, who your customers really are, and how they find you are critical elements to running effective campaigns.
  3. Play to your teammates’ strengths. Your employees are more than just hired help; they’re brand advocates! Feature your skilled specialists, their excellent work, and the friendly atmosphere they create across your social media channels, and encourage them to do the same! Employees can be a huge asset, sharing company content and positive awareness throughout their own social networks.

With these three tips in mind, you should be ready as ever to kick off your year right with solid marketing plans in play and customers cheering for your success.

Now dig into that Super Bowl feast!

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