• Happy Holidays from ThriveHive!

Happy Holidays from ThriveHive!

Growing a business is incredibly rewarding but we know the challenges and struggles that come with it. Here’s a lil’ video we made about how hard you work throughout the year, wearing a bajillion hats, choosing between channels, trying to make heads or tails of things, and celebrating your successes too.

Also: for some cheerful guidance on marketing during the holidays and for 2018, check out our roundup of posts below the video.

Holiday Marketing Roundup

General Holiday Marketing Strategy

The holidays enliven your audience and create an atmosphere of receptivity to shopping deals, gift-themed promotions, and must-haves for the new year. If you want to capitalize on this consumer boost, you need to have a plan in place that targets specific goals and achieves them through specific action.

Here are two posts to help you with the foundation of your holiday marketing efforts:

Do You Have a Holiday Marketing  Plan?

10 Holiday Marketing Campaigns to Try

Social Media Holiday Ideas

Social media is so merry and bright all year round, it’s hard to imagine you can get even more out of it during the holidays. By providing useful holiday-related content on social media, you can increase your engagement, gain more followers, and even generate more sales. Make a name for yourself during the holidays on social media by spreading the word about your sales, equipping people with gifts and tools to do their holiday shopping, and connecting with your audience through themes of tradition, gratitude, successful ends, and new starts. Through hashtags, images, customization, and links, social media offers endless ways to market your business during the holidays.

Here are some helpful posts on social media marketing during this special season:

120 Holiday Hashtags to Help Your Business

Holiday Giveaway Ideas and Examples

Facebook Holiday Post Ideas and Examples

Instagram Holiday Post Ideas and Examples

Marketing in 2018

In addition to holiday tips and tricks, much of the content during this time includes roundups from the year to recognize progress, solidify important marketing messages you’ve been spreading throughout the year, and recap achievements and milestones. It’s also important to focus on the new year, giving your customers tips, tools, products, and services to start it off right and live it out successfully. Don’t forget also to look ahead to what you should be adding, improving, or changing in your marketing for the new year to stay relevant to, engaged with, and valuable for your target audience.

Here are two posts and one download to get you ready for marketing in the new year.

New Marketing Strategies to Try in 2018

How to Crush Your Marketing in 2018

2018 Marketing Calendar (Our annual marketing calendar continues to be a hit, year after year).


Happy Holidays from the Thrivehive Team!

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