• Hansel & Gretel: Digital Breadcrumbs


Help customers find their way!

The web is called “world wide” for a reason. It’s not world narrow or world small – it’s vast and full of information that can be tough to wade through.

How are customers ever supposed to find your business amidst all that clutter?


Like Hansel and Gretel and their fabled trail of breadcrumbs, you can help customers find their way to your business with your very own digital marketing “breadcrumbs”

How can you help customers find your business online?


SEO: for finding their way there

When customers venture into the web, they search for the products and services they need, in their area. Are they able to find your website when searching online? Are you leaving the right hints and keywords to show them the way (via search results)?

Google’s technology reads your website to determine what you’re all about in order to deliver your site to potential customers, and potential customers to your site. Make sure your pages are marked for success! From your title tags and meta descriptions to the very text on your site and alt text on your images, you can make it easier for people to find you when they’re searching for your services.

Retargeting: for finding their way back

Once they’ve found you, sometimes customers go away to think about their plans or explore their options when they’re not ready to commit. You can leave digital breadcrumbs to help them find their way back to your door!

Retargeting ads remind customers (who’ve already shown an interest) of the products or businesses they looked at before. It’s a surefire way to inspire them to come back and close the deal next time they browse their favorite sites online.

The internet can be a tough forest to navigate for customers searching for local companies and service. Help them find their way to your door!

Leave breadcrumbs for your customers to find you, no matter where in the woods, er, web, they wander.

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