• Halloween Promotion Ideas for Your Small Business

Halloween Promotion Ideas for Your Small Business

October is full of tricks, but your Halloween promotions should be full of treats! Holidays always provide a great opportunity to offer special sales, discounts, and promotions, and Halloween is no exception. Whether your promotion is just for one spooky night or lasts all month long, a fun and creative marketing campaign is sure to bring the whole neighborhood running to your small business. A successful Halloween promotion will help drive your sales and increase your audience. Here are 6 frighteningly easy promotions to host this month.

Halloween Promotion Ideas for Your Small Business

Halloween Promotion Ideas for Your Small Business

Throw a Halloween Party

Throwing a festive Halloween party suitable for all ages is a great way to increase your foot traffic, get new customers, and impress your existing clients. A Halloween party doesn’t need to be a massive expense—some small treats, sips, and handmade decorations go a long way! Adornments such as pumpkins or jack-o’-lanterns, cutouts of bats, and streamers will help to make your party a smashing success. Be wary of making your accessories too intimidating, as younger children are likely to join their parents. Also providing allergy-friendly treats, such as Skittles or Candy Corn, will guarantee everyone at your party has a great time. Offering a party-exclusive sale, such as 13% off, can also help to drive sales at your party.

Participate in Trick or Treating

If you don’t have the resources to host an entire Halloween party, another option is collaborating with other small businesses in the area to offer a day of trick or treating. Parents are always looking for safe Halloween festivities, and by hosting an event with other trusted local businesses, you will win over the favor of the parents in attendance and get foot traffic in your business. Including a special “discount” treasure map for the adult, complete with different promotions at each store participating, is also a great way to increase your October sales. Make sure the businesses you partner with offer different products or services from each other, so everyone can join in on the fun.

Host a Pumpkin Carving Contest

Whether your business has a brick and mortar storefront, or just an online presence, anyone can host a pumpkin carving contest! Encourage customers to show off their creative side by hosting an in-store pumpkin carving contest with a small entry cost, such as $5 or $10, and offer a large incentive to the winner. Prizes such as a gift card to your business, a basket of your products, or a trophy will be an excellent motivation to get entries. If you run your contest online, be sure to pick the perfect hashtag to track entries on social media, and check out our blog post here for how to run an awesome Instagram giveaway.

Offer a Dress-Up Discount

Another great way to increase foot traffic to your business and maximize your sales is by offering a discount or gift with purchase to anyone who appears in costume. This will give your audience an incentive to come into your store and redeem their prize. This also leaves open the opportunity for great user-generated content, because you can offer an extra gift if they post on social media and tag your small business. If you have the resources, providing a photo booth in your store for specific days in October will also inspire your customers to take the best photos for social media.

Join in on Community Events

During the month of October, plenty of community events will be taking place in your neighborhood, such as fall fairs, festivals, and farmers markets. Make sure you’re there to attract new customers and delight your existing ones! A small table with coupons, decorations, and Halloween treats will go a long way when building your audience. Be sure to promote your presence on social media and advertise accordingly, such as an extra free item for the first 10 people who arrive at your booth. Participating in community events will help to build your local reputation.

Host a Scavenger Hunt

Whether your business has a storefront or operates digitally, hosting a scavenger hunt can be fun, easy, and low cost. A scavenger hunt can be done by finding the clues on your homepage, such as a bat peeking from behind your logo or a smiling skeleton at the very bottom of your page, that will link to a landing page with a surprise discount the customer can redeem at checkout. In store, customers can receive a printed map with clues leading to different areas of your store, with the final clue leading them to a coupon, gift with purchase, or another spooky surprise. Halloween may be the season for tricks, but everyone loves a good treat!

Participate in Operation Gratitude

If you operate a medical office, participating in operation gratitude will not only promote healthy bodies to your patients but also support the United States Troops with a Candy Give-Back Drive. The purpose of a Candy Give-Back Drive is to collect candy from trick-or-treaters and offer an incentive to kids, such as $1 per pound of candy, to discard of their excess treats. This is an awesome way to give back to those that serve our country and also help keep your community healthy.

Halloween is the perfect time of year to experiment with new promotions just before the holiday season!


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