• Halloween Marketing Tricks

Boo! Halloween is right around the corner! The end of this week will bring children dressed up, trick-or-treating, and parties. That also means that it could be a crazy week for your halloween marketing tricks for small businessessmall business. Halloween can be good or bad for sales, depending on your business. Either way, the days leading up to Halloween are a great time for some easy last minute marketing tricks to get customers into your sales funnel before the close of the month. We already gave you some marketing ideas for October, but here are some more!

Trick #1: “Guess How Many?” Contest

Want more email addresses for your newsletter or mailing list? Grab a jar and fill it with something Halloween inspired–candy corn, plastic spiders, orange and black candies, etc. Put the jar by your cash register and have customers drop their business cards or a slip of paper with their guess in a box. Make sure costumers include their email address and announce the winner on email and social media. The winner gets a discount off their next purchase, a free service, or a free product. This is great for gyms and fitness clubs for parents and students who will want to work off those calories they consumed over Halloween!

Trick #2: Halloween Themed Item or Service

Get a last minute sales boost this week by featuring a Halloween special. Restaurants and bakeries can feature a Halloween menu for kids and adults alike! Think witch finger cookies or a vampire cocktail with cranberry juice and a plastic spider garnish! Show off a Halloween bouquet with orange, black, green, and purple flowers at your flower shop! Throw a Halloween-inspired fitness class–have participants bring in a pumpkin to toss around instead of a medicine ball!

Make sure to include this service on your website or blog to increase your SEO and make your business easier for customers to find.

Trick #3: Create a Halloween Graphic

Visual marketing is very important. While you can easily decorate your storefront business for Halloween with pumpkins and spider webs, you should also decorate online!  Take your online marketing to the next level by creating a graphic image for Halloween!

Change your Facebook or Twitter cover photo with a Halloween inspired one using Photoshop or Canva! Use a Halloween style font on social media graphics like the font “Creepster” that we used on the graphic above. Create graphics to wish customers a Happy Halloween or to showcase Halloween Items or Services that you’re offering. Remember to add “alt” tags to your images!

Trick #4: Participate in Trick-or-Treating

Many towns have trick-or-treating during the day that can bring customers into your small business. Take this opportunity to meet new customers. Bonus points if you’ve already incorporated the other tricks in this post like having a Halloween special or contest! If you are participating in a trick-or-treating or Halloween event, make a graphic to tell your customers on Facebook and Twitter–use social media to get the word out that you’re participating.

When families come around to collect candy, have your business information available for interested customers, including your website and social media links to grow your online network. Make sure to use a hashtag for the event. If there isn’t a hashtag, contact the coordinator and suggest one so that both business and family participants can more easily find posts about the event.

Trick #5: Share Halloween Content on Social Media

Use social media to show off all of the tricks above. Using Trick #1 and doing a guessing contest? Encourage customer participation by creating a hashtag and giving customers who share the contest on social media another guess. Monitor the hashtag and share or re-tweet any comments or posts from customers. Share pictures of the Halloween special suggested in Trick #2 and use appropriate hashtags like #halloweenrecipes or #halloweendecor. Share pictures of trick-or-treating or your employees in costumes.  Ask your customers to share their Halloween pictures with you on your Facebook page!

Get into the spirit of Halloween by sharing someone else’s content as well. Use Pinterest to share inspiration pictures, recipes, and costume ideas. Re-tweet and share other Halloween themed ideas and posts on Twitter and Facebook. The more content you put out on social media, the more attention your business and marketing will get!

Happy Halloween Marketing!

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