• ThriveHive Guided Marketing Update

ThriveHive Guided Marketing Platform Update

We have an important announcement to share with you in regards to the ThriveHive Guided Marketing Platform.

ThriveHive Guided Marketing Platform Update

As of May 18, 2019, two social features will no longer be available. The first is that users won’t be able to connect new social media accounts to the Guided Marketing Platform. Second, for those users who have previously linked social media accounts, social posting capabilities and post engagement in the dashboard feed will no longer be available.

Why did we make these changes?

As ThriveHive continues to advance its marketing solutions and build for the future, we’ve been forced to make some difficult decisions, but ones that ultimately better offer local businesses the ability to get found, stand out, and get chosen online.

Our recommendation for any and all users who want to continue to improve and stay active with their social media activity is to use our award-winning Perch app, available here.

Perch makes it easy to manage your activity across social platforms and compare you outreach to businesses like yours. What we’re building with Perch represents our evolving approach to social media, and we’re extremely excited to be able to bring it to our ThriveHive users.

Thank you for taking the time to read this update and please know we’re always here to help. If you have any questions about these changes, please contact our customer success team at support@thrivehive.com, call 617-326-8272, or inquire about working one on one with one of our expert marketing guides here!

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