• 6 Elements of a Great Website

You’ve heard that websites are the window into a small business. You know that having a presence online is important if you want to grow your business. But what makes one 6elementsofgreatwebsitewebsite different from another and how can you stand out online?

The difference between any old website and and a great website comes down to a few things.

Great websites are visually appealing

Websites are the first impression of a business. It makes sense that people should enjoy looking at your website. A great business website will have colors that are visually appealing as well as industry appropriate.

Medical offices typically use colors like blue and grey that look clean and neat. Daycare centers often use brighter colors to reflect the feel of a child-based business. Spas and massage studios tend to have websites with shades of blues, greens, and tans to evoke the calming feeling that their services provide.  In contrast, coffee shops use energizing colors and design to wake up the viewer. An interior designer, photographer, or art gallery website should be artistic, lending itself to the style of the artist or designer, like this interior designer website we created.



Great websites have graphics and photos

Great websites have graphics or pictures that are interesting to look at and make the viewer want to use the business. A great website shows the viewer what it can offer. Business owners often make the mistake of showing pictures of the problem that they’re trying to solve instead of showing the solution to the problem. Think of the advertising you see for your favorite products and services. Do they show problems or people enjoying their product or service?

More often than not, you’ll find pictures of pain-free happy people and clean facilities on the website of medical professionals.  No one wants to use a foreclosure specialist with pictures of miserable lenders crying over a checkbook–they want to see a happy family standing in front of a modest home back on their feet!

Just like how artists, photographers, and contractors should include a portfolio on their website, your small business site should include pictures of people engaging in or happy with your product or service or visually appealing graphics. Check out the website we created for a tile and grout restoration company.


Great websites have strong Calls to Action (CTA)

Have you ever been to a website where you were unable to find what you were looking for? You shouldn’t have to think when you reach a great website–it should show you exactly what you need and where to go to find it!

The more information you have on your home page, the more confusing it is for your viewer. An easy to read navigation bar and calls to action (CTA)  sets a great website apart from the rest. Navigation bars should have less than 8 items and CTAs should be a contrasting color to help them stand out. A contact page for more information and social media  icons should be clear on every page. The less clicks your viewer has to make, the easier your website will be to navigate, like this straight-forward site we built for a company that builds LinkedIn profiles.


Great websites have great SEO

A great website can only be great if it is found online. Great websites appear on the first pages of Google or other search engines and stand out from other websites by consistently ranking high for businesses in their local area and industry. If your website can’t be found online, there are simple tips that you can try to make your SEO better, like including relevant content to your site.

Great websites are mobile responsive

Depending on your industry, over half of your website visits may come from mobile devices. If your website doesn’t look good on an iPad, tablet, or smart phone, you could be losing valuable customers. Have you ever tried to load a website on your phone or tablet only to find the page distorted and un-clickable? It’s frustrating to use! Make sure your website looks just as good on a phone as it does on a computer, like this website we created.


Great websites load quickly

Time is important to people and the longer they have to wait for your website to load, the less likely they are to stay on your site. Large pictures, unsupported fonts, and non-responsive sites take a long time to load. Make sure that your site loads quickly. If your site doesn’t load in less than 4 seconds you could be losing valuable customers! Multiple fonts, auto-play media files, and custom HTML on each page can decrease load times.

Is your website great like the ones pictured above? Let us build you a great website today!

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  1. Nice blog, which shares about the six elements of great websites. You had perfectly described these elements in a simple way. These tips will be helpful for those readers who have their own commercial websites. Thanks for sharing.

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