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This article is going to help you understand website rank checkers, but more importantly, how to check the rank of your Google Business Listing, which is becoming your second homepage on Google.

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Checking Your SEO Rank: Website vs Profile

As a small business owner, it’s important to gauge your visibility on the world’s most trusted platform: Google. In the past, the only way to get on the first page was through your website pages, which requires both on- and off-page SEO practices and a keyword strategy. While website SEO and your website rank on Google is still important, there is another business property that is becoming equally as, if not more important: your Google My Business listing.

That being said, we’re going to cover website rank checkers but then we’ll dive more deeply into our listing checker, which provides n easy to understand report of how you rank, so you can:

• Make sense of results
• Know exactly what you need to do to improve your rank
• See how your score improves over time

Read on to learn why it’s important that your Google My Business profile ranks high, how to check and see how well you’re ranking across four key areas, and what you can do to improve your rank—all for free.

What is a Website Rank Checker?

Website rank checkers help you to see how well your website pages are performing on search engines like Google. Ideally, you want the different pages on your website to target different keywords—the words and phrases your potential customers are typing into the search box. A website rank checker will help you identify where you stand with respect to your target keywords.

Some tools will tell you how your page ranks relative to other websites in your industry, others will tell you how your rank increases or decreases over time, and yet other tools can give you exact position information (i.e. rather than simply knowing you’re showing up on the first page of Google for a target keyword, you can find out exactly where you land on the first page.

Website rank checkers are incredibly useful but are generally geared toward marketers and SEOs. You have to know how to interpret your results if you want to improve your rank, and some reports can be dizzying even for the experts.

Pros of website rank checkers

• Overall domain performance or keyword/URL specific
• Position tracking
• Detailed results, ability to refine by device or location

Challenges with website rank checkers

• Oftentimes a free trial with limited visibility
• Requires already having a keyword strategy in place
• Limited guidance in interpreting results and implementing changes

Website rank checkers to try

Some of the website rank tools we recommend include:

Google’s Search Console
Local Falcon

What impacts your website rank?

Keywords aren’t the only influential factor in your Google ranking. Google uses a complex algorithm that takes several factors into account to yield the most useful and user-friendly results. Additional Google ranking factors include:

• Page load speed
• Image relevancy
• Links to your site from other sites
• Location of keywords on your pages
• Mobile friendliness
• Interconnectivity of your pages

How to improve your website rank

If you’ve used a rank checker and are in the dark on how to actually improve your rankings, we have some resources that may be helpful:

How to Rank Your Business Higher on Google
How to Improve SEO: Tips for Ranking on Google
How to Increase Your Visibility on Google for Local Searches

Why We have A Google Page Rank Checker

Understanding and tracking your website rank is important, but with Google’s search result pages becoming more robust, and with the widespread use of business directories, there’s actually another entity that you should be striving to rank higher: your business listings. In particular, your Google business listing.

The importance of your Google business page rank

Your Google My Business page (also known to as your Google My Business profile or Google My Business listing) is what feeds into Google Maps search results, and the local section on a regular Google search, which now shows up automatically even if a user doesn’t search with a location—Google can detect IP addresses.

In addition to its emphasis on local results, Google is also striving to provide as much information as it can on its results pages, so users can get what they’re looking for without even having to click through to a website. This means that your Google My Business listing is huge.

How to improve your Google business page rank

Think of your Google My Business listing as a minified version of your website. It essentially distills your website down to only the essential immediate information your potential customers are seeking, with no branding or design elements.

In other words, Google is becoming a second homepage for your business, so if you want your Google listing to rank, you must provide it with the essential information about your business. The more information you provide Google, the more it will trust you and the higher it will rank you in local results.

Enter the Google business page rank checker

So what information is Google looking for about your business? What information are you missing? How can you know what’s missing if it’s not there? Our Google business profile tool will assess your Google business listing is and provide recommendations to help you fill it out completely and improve your visibility for local searches.

How does your Google business profile rank?

Get an instant assessment of how your business performs across four key areas of Google search, plus recommendations for improvement.

What Our Google Ranking Tool Does

Our Google business page ranking tool looks at several factors that impact your ranking in local and Google Maps results. Some of the factors we look at include:

Phone number
Profile images
Verified status
Review count
Review replies
Positive vs negative ratings
Average star ratings
Questions & Answers

We’ve got plenty of information if you want to learn more about these elements of your Google business listing.

How to Use Our Google Page Ranking Report

Our report uses the above factors (and more) to assess your rank across four key areas, which we’ll dive into shortly: presence, reputation, outreach, communication, The report will use percentages to tell you how complete each area is. There will be tips built into the report, but you will also have the opportunity to chat with a marketing specialist to get help optimizing each area. Of course, this requires having a Google My Business page (aka listing or profile) in the first place. Learn How to Create Claim and Verify Your Google Business Listing

Breakdown of Our Google Rank Report

Our tool checks your rank across 4 key areas: presence, reputation, outreach, communication. You get an overall score as well as an individual score for each of the four areas. Your report will cover the following:


Did you know that on average, complete Google business listings get 7x more clicks than empty ones? Merely filling out your information can help improve your rank. This part of the report goes over your:

Business information: phone, website, hours, description, categories, attributes
• Photos: cover photo, profile photo, recent uploads, photo quantity
• Listing status: verified, in need of updates, presence of duplicates


Did you also know that optimized Google My Business listings are also 50% more likely to lead to a purchase? Building and maintaining a strong online reputation is key to attracting new customers on Google. This section of your ranking report covers your:

• Review count: total count, and reviews for this week vs this month
Review replies: for positive vs negative reviews
Rating: Average star rating (learn how to get your star rating to show on Google)


Businesses with well-maintained Google profiles are 70% more likely to be considered reputable by consumers. This means that if you want to rank, you’ve got to stay active. Google posts allow you to promote events, products, and offerings directly on your listing. Keeping up with outreach will help with engagement which helps your rank. The outreach section covers:

Post count: the currently active post, posts this month, total posts published
• Post structure: title, image, URL


When shopping on Amazon, have you ever found that the product description and reviews didn’t quite give you everything you needed to know? Then you found the Q&A section filled with questions you had yourself? Google’s Q&A section is just like this. Anyone (including you) can ask questions about your business. Stand out by asking your own FAQs and providing strong answers. The communication score you receive is based on:

• Questions: Owner seeded questions, question quantity
• Answers: Are all questions answered

We also have another free tool where you can see what locals want to know about your business. Click here to see the top questions customers are asking about businesses in your category.

What is My Google Rank?

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