• Give Thanks on Thanksgiving!


Tis the season for turkey, thyme, and taking time a moment to be thankful.

As a local business, one of the best things to be thankful for this time of year is for the ongoing success of your company.

It’s important to stop and say thank you to all the people who have made your success possible, from family and friends to employees and customers.

You can show your thanks to employees through the usual holiday bonuses and staff parties, but what about the very people who keep the lights on and your doors open?

How can you show your customers how much you appreciate them this Thanksgiving?

  • Say thanks on online review sites.

Show your customers you appreciate their feedback and take their opinions seriously, both good and bad. Answer positive and negative comments with genuine, honest responses.

  • Show your love on Facebook.

Broadcast your feelings for all the world to see – post a “Thank You!” image or heartfelt message to your Facebook page and other social media. You could even invite customers to come in and get a special treat if they mention your page!

  • Offer something special on your website.

What better way to thank customers for supporting your business than to offer a special promotion on your website! It’s simple, whether it’s “mention this offer in-store to get 10% off!” or an E-commerce promo code.

  • Bring ‘em back in with a deal.

Let customers know you appreciate their business (more than your competitors do) by running a retargeting campaign. Remind customers they were interested in your products and seal the deal with a special promotion.

  • Write a blog post.

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, a blog post is even better! Write your customers a love note, thanking them for being valued customers. Maybe even tell a story of how they’ve helped your business grow to where it is today.

Loyal customers are the foundation of any successful local business, supporting the community and helping business thrive.

To all our own customers this Thanksgiving, thanks from all of us at Propel Marketing!

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