• Give Thanks to Digital Marketing


It’s that time of year! And just as your dinner table will have some well-loved staples this Thanksgiving, digital marketing has its core elements, too.

We might not have the football games, parades, or relatives who indulged just a littttttttle too much on the “apple cider,” but we have the right combination of dishes to make a delicious digital marketing feast!

  • The Turkey: Your Website

Just as the turkey is the centerpiece of any Thanksgiving dinner, your website takes the prize in your digital strategy. Nearly everything you do in the digital sphere will link back to your website. You just need to make sure that your website is as compatible with your other digital marketing efforts as a turkey is with all of your delicious side dishes.

  • Stuffing: Your Content Strategy

Stuffing gives your turkey its flavor. The content, language, and tone you use on your website is going to give your business its own taste!

  • Gravy: Your SEO Program

We’re all guilty of covering everything on our plates in gravy, and we hope that you indulge the same way with your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) program! Use SEO best practices and link-building in everything you do online to help boost your organic rankings.

  • Sweet Potatoes & Mashed Potatoes:  Your SEM & Display Campaigns

Both types of potatoes are must-haves on Thanksgiving Day and provide the same great balance as pairing SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and Display campaigns. Both compliment each other to develop your business’ brand online through words and visuals. It’s a sweet and savory combination!

  • Cranberry Sauce: Your Local Page

Cranberry sauce may seem like a strange choice to have on the dinner table, but it’s due to Thanksgiving’s local roots in Massachusetts. A state famous for its cranberry bogs, cranberries were likely a part of the first Thanksgiving at Plymouth Rock! Keep that focus on local and develop your presence in a way to attract nearby customers by building out your local pages on search engines (Google, Bing, and Yahoo).

  • Pumpkin Pie:  Your Social Media

More than anything else on the table, dessert is meant to be shared with others and to get great conversation going. Social media is all about the conversation – don’t just exist on your social profiles – engage with your audience!

With this great combination of staples, you’re sure to be full of digital marketing by the end of the day. Every day we give thanks for digital marketing and all it offers – we hope you will do the same.

From Propel Marketing – Happy Thanksgiving!

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