This post is going to walk you through ways to get your business website and business listings properly set up on Google—that is, to get found by the people searching for the products and services you provide.

How Do I Get My Site on Google?

Many people consider Google and the internet to be synonymous, but Google isn’t actually the internet. The internet is the platform onto which you get your website, simply by setting it live. Google is more so the mechanism by which people access the information available on the internet. Google makes this possible by crawling the web every day to take inventory of the pages that exist on it. It organizes this information in a database called an index. When a Google searcher types something into a search box, Google retrieves results from its index.

All that being said, you don’t exactly get your site on Google; you set up your site such that Google can find, categorize, and store each of its pages. By properly targeting each page for particular search terms, you can get those pages to rank higher in search results. Google can yield hundreds of pages of results for any particular search term, but “Google” as the average consumer knows it is really just the first page (or the first few pages).

So, if you’re looking to get your site on Google, you’re really looking to improve SEO and rank your business higher on Google.

How Do I Register My Business on Google?

As mentioned in the above section, when it comes to websites, Google isn’t a directory where you can submit your website. Google regularly crawls the web looking for new pages to identify and categorize. If you make changes to your website pages, Google will eventually pick up on them. You can submit URls to Google to re-index through the Google Search Console (a limited number per month) but this action is reserved for special circumstances and is not a regular SEO practice.

With regard to your business listings, however, there is a way to “register” your business on Google. Google Maps used to be primarily a navigation tool, but it has evolved into a robust business directory and a go-to for many consumers. To register your business on Google Maps, you need to create, claim, and verify a Google My Business listing.

There are also a number of free business listing sites apart from Google for which you should register your business, since your page for these sites will also show up on a Google search.

How Do I List My Business on Google?

To list your business on Google, you need to

1. Add your business as a place on Google Maps
2. Navigate to your listing on Google Maps
3. Click “claim this listing” (for help with this, go to How to Create, Claim, and Verify Your Google Business Listing)

Anyone, including customers, can add your business to Google Maps. To be able to edit and update your Google listing, you will need to claim and verify it.

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How to Create a Google Business Page

The platforms available to business owners through Google are a bit confusing. There’s Gmail, Gsuite, Google Plus, Google My Business, and Google Docs, Google everything. Interestingly enough, there is really no such thing as a Google Business Page. There are Facebook business pages. There was Google Plus (which is obsolete). And there is Google Sites. But no Google Business Page. What you’re looking for is most likely a Google profile, which is a Google My Business profile (or listing).

A Google business “page” (profile) provides information so that potential customers can:

Contact your business:
Business name
Phone number

Familiarize with your business:

Learn more about your business:
Reviews and replies
Questions & answers

This information shows up on Google Maps results as well as the local section of regular Google searches—making it crucial for your business if you want to attract potential customers on their go-to spot for finding products and services.

How to Get Your Business Set Up on Google

Creating and claiming your Google My Business profile has multiple steps but is pretty straightforward. However, you may run into some challenges if you have multiple locations, are having difficulty transferring ownership, or have moved to a new location. It’s also important to make sure that you’re not just listed on Google, but that you’re set up for success—that is, by optimizing each of the above sections in your profile.

For help with getting your business set up on Google, here are a few resources:

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2. Learn How to Optimize Your Google My Business Profile

This page will cover the steps you need to take so that your Google My Business Profile is complete, accurate, up-to-date, and most importantly, as appealing as possible to potential customers. You may also want to check out this post: How to Reach More Customers on Google

3. Get Your Google Profile Score

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