• 5 Ways to Get More Customers From Instagram

Instagram is arguably the most popular social media site among millennials and young adults. With endless customizable options, such as Stories, GIFs, and filters, it has quickly become a popular outlet for brands and individuals alike. This popularity makes Instagram an effective way of reaching your target audience. So how can you guarantee that your efforts won’t be a waste of time? Getting more customers from Instagram can be difficult on your own, so here are 5 ways to help you get the ball rolling.

5 Ways to Get More Customers From Instagram

1. Engage With Your Audience

It may seem like a no-brainer, but engaging with your followers is vital to converting them into customers. The followers who engage with you the most on social media are often are usually your most committed audience, and will be the most likely to make a purchase from you farther down the line. While it can sometimes be difficult to keep up with the influx of comments, follows, and likes you receive, responding to these interactions will benefit you in several ways. The more you “like” comments, answer questions, and follow users back, the more your followers will continue to engage with you, and the higher the Instagram algorithm will place your content on the feed.

2. Use a Call to Action in Your Captions

Using a call to action in your captions will not only help to increase your Instagram engagement but also to gain a better understanding of your follower demographics and grow your customer base. Your call to action can be used to increase website traffic, gather more information about your audience, or even gain followers on another social media platform. Be sure to draw followers in with your call to action by encouraging them to click the link in your bio, download your eBook, or call to make an appointment. The link in your bio can be anything relevant to your business—a survey, a landing page on your website, or a link to another social media platform are all great options to learn more about your followers buying behavior. By effectively utilizing a call to action in your caption, you will be able to get more customers from Instagram and better engage with your audience.

3. Add a Location Tag to Your Photos and Stories

Adding a location, or geotag, to your photos and Instagram stories will not only help to broaden your reach, but also provide your followers with more information about your small business. When a location is added to your Instagram content and your profile is public, your post will be able to be seen by all those who are looking under that location on Instagram. For photos taken inside or near your business, be sure to tag your exact address so customers are easily able to find your store. Other images, such as scenic locations, events, or conventions, should also be tagged accordingly in order to increase the likelihood of your post being seen. Geotagging your Instagram content will help you to get more customers from Instagram.


4. Post Authentic Content

Overly-posed photographs, stock photos, or heavily edited images have long since passed their time of popularity. More than ever before, brands and small businesses are focusing on providing genuine and authentic material to their followers and potential customers. You can offer this to your followers by posting behind-the-scenes content of your employees, exclusive event set-up shots, or even a “follow along” segment where an employee posts regularly as they go about their day. Resharing your customer’s photos is another great way to share authentic content. Sharing user-generated content will help your followers appreciated and can turn from a passive customer into a loyal one. The key to getting more customers from Instagram is by making them feel connected to your brand and identify with your culture. There are endless content creation possibilities—just remember to be as organic and genuine as possible.

5. Casually Advertise Your Products and Services

Do you have a new service offering available for the season, or perhaps a holiday exclusive gift with purchase? Instagram is the perfect outlet to showcase these new additions to your small business. An attractive photograph of your new product, or a customer testimonial of your added services, will help to attract new customers and build your audience. You can also display your products alongside older ones and use the caption to distinguish the differences between the two. Always make sure to sprinkle these posts amongst your other content, and beware of over-advertising that can turn off potential customers. Strike a balance!

Instagram is one of the most valuable social media sites to focus on when building your brand and when looking to get new customers. Businesses have quickly realized the power behind Instagram and it’s ability to convert followers into customers by following these 5 easy suggestions. By utilizing Instagram to its fullest potential through authentic and creative content, effective calls to action, and engaging with your audience, generating and converting customers will be a breeze.


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