Get Found Online By Building A Marketing Footprint

Having a big sign in a busy physical location used to be enough to attract potential customers to your business.  Today, having a good marketing footprint still follows that same principle, but the signs are online and it’s important to place those signs in multiple places on the internet.  ThriveHive suggests small business owners to look at their online presence across 8 key areas on the web.  Building this report gives you a roadmap for improving your online marketing by assessing how effectively your business is using review sites, directories, social media, maps, video, images, your website, and your blog.

Take a look below to find out why each of these 8 areas is important for your marketing.

Positive Reviews 

Today, people can leave reviews about your business on third party websites whether you want them to or not.  It’s vitally important to be monitoring those reviews so that you can react to them when they’re published.  Do you know what people are saying about you online?  Search on Yelp and Google to know how well you’re doing with your online reviews.

Directory Listings

Today, when a person wants to find a business or a type of service there is a good chance that they will start with an online search.  Online directories are the digital version of yesterday’s phone books; if you aren’t listed correctly, you’re limiting the ability of potential customers to find you.  Put your best foot forward by ensuring that your business is listed with all of the relevant info fields filled out.  You should try to have consistent listings across all major directories including: Google Places, Yahoo! Local and Superpages among others

Social Media Marketing Plan

By now you probably know that social media can be an important way for you to market your business.  It can be a great way for you to stay in touch with existing customers and attract new prospects.  But, many people who have started with social media aren’t sure how to get it really working for them.  Schedule a free consult to see whether you should be using Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare and if you should ask our marketing experts about how you can improve.


Online maps are important for small businesses for the simple reason that they are another high traffic way for potential customers to find your business.  Map listings are not just a way for people to get directions more easily to your location, they can also be a way for people to discover your business.  Today, people can use maps like search engines by searching for things by category or keyword.

Looking for shoe repair in your zip code?  Searching in Google Maps by keyword and zip code or city can be the fastest way to find a local business.  If you don’t have a business listing in the most popular map applications you will be completely excluded from those types of searches.   They are closely related to directories and in the case of Google, your directory listing is actually the same listing that is used for your map listing.

Video for Small Business

There is a good chance that modern technology like TV and the internet is decreasing the average person’s attention span.  Video is a highly engaging way of getting your message across that can help you grab someone’s attention.  Why limit yourself to just words when it has become so easy to make a compelling video these days.  Make your first business video to effectively engage with visitors on your website.

Images For Visual Marketing

Images are important for the same reasons that video is important.  Engage people and help them put a face to your business by using images liberally on your website and by posting them to third party websites like Flickr.  By publishing images to Flickr that are properly tagged with your business name you’re creating more ways to be found online.  The Marketing Footprint will give you a snapshot of how well you’re doing in Flickr and let you track your presence over time.

Great Business Website

We’ve written previously about the importance of having a website for your business. Needless to say, having a website today is a critical component of any online marketing strategy.  Once you set your website up, you’ll want to make sure that it’s working as effectively as possible for you.  Read this post to make sure you have a functional website.

Business Blogging

Starting and maintaining a business blog is a great way to attract new customers.  Every blog post you write is like another little sign out on the internet just waiting to be seen by a potential customer.  Blogs give you a place to communicate your passion to potential customers while simultaneously broadening the size of your marketing footprint on the web.

Get Help To Understand Your Marketing Footprint

All you need to do is contact us and schedule a marketing consultation. One of ThriveHive’s marketing experts will help you understand where there are opportunities to improve your marketing!