• How to Get Your Facebook Business Page Noticed

How to Get Your Facebook Business Page Noticed (1)

Every business should have a Facebook Business page for their business to connect with customers, attract new business, and be found by search engines. Plus, your Facebook page is a reflection of your business and may even, at times, be more up-to-date and alive than your website. This post will go over tips and suggestions to get your page noticed more— by current and potential customers as well as search engines to help expand your reach.

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How to Get Your Facebook Business Page Noticed

Tips for Getting Your Facebook Business Page Noticed

One of the most effective ways of getting your Facebook Business Page noticed is by getting it to show up on search engines. Below are some ways you can optimize your page so that search engines can serve it up to the right people at the right time.

Use Identical Business Name, Address, Phone Number

You need to treat your Facebook Business Page like any other online listing and optimize it. Make sure your address is the same as on the other sites you are listed. Consistency is important, so search engines can associate your Facebook page with your other listings, providing more proof to the search engines that your business really exists at this location.

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Select Business Categories

As a local business, you definitely want to choose an accurate category. Categories are important, because Facebook gives you access to different features that relate to the category you choose. For example, if you choose the Restaurant category, you will have the option to upload a menu. You can change your category at any time.

Tip: Start out by choosing “Local Business” as your main category. Then you can select subcategories from there.

Complete the Page Info

The more information you complete on your Facebook Business Page, the more successful it will be in getting noticed. Enter your website, description, hours, price ranges, payment methods, parking, specialties, etc. The more information you can fill out in your Page Info section, the more likely your business is to be included in search results.

Make Your Page Public

When customers are searching for your business online, they can come across more than just your website in search results. In fact, they can find your Facebook Business Page too. Unfortunately, some Facebook pages for small businesses are not getting indexed by Google due to some restrictions that are set inadvertently by the business.

If you set an age or country restriction for your page, only users who are logged into Facebook and meet the age or location requirements can access your page. We have seen cases where age restrictions have been set and owners are not aware, so we recommend checking this setting.

Here’s how to check:

  • Log out of Facebook (it’s easiest to do this on your desktop/laptop).
  • Open a web browser and type your Facebook URL in the browser – or follow a link to it from your website.
  • If your Facebook page is shown, it is public.
  • If you see a Facebook alert, your page is restricted to logged in users only.

If you need to make your Facebook Business Page public, here’s what to do:

  • Log into Facebook as a Page Admin of your business page.
  • Open Settings.
  • Check the age restrictions. Set it to Anyone (13+).
  • Check the country restrictions. Make sure no restrictions are in place.
  • Click Save Changes.

A public, non-restricted Facebook page can be read and indexed by Google. This means it can show up in search results when consumers are searching in Google. Also, information from your Facebook Page— such as your short business description, audience size, check-ins, ratings, and reviews—shows up in Google and can help encourage consumers to give your business a try. Furthermore, Google takes Facebook stats and activity into account in its ranking algorithm. We highly recommend checking that your page does not have any restrictions unless you have a good reason for putting those in place.

Choose your Preferred Page Audience

You can reach the right customers by selecting your audience demographics and interests. Include the interests of your customers by choosing keywords based on your audience interests. For example, adding “gluten-free” and “vegan” keywords will help consumers find your restaurant if they search by these categories. Just pick a few that best describe your audience as suggested by a drop-down list provided by Facebook.  You can find the “Preferred Page Audience” preferences in Settings.

Utilize the Power of Images

Make sure the images in your Facebook Business Page are professional and representative of your business and services. Add your profile pictures. Add a cover photo for your business (it must be 400 pixels wide x 150 pixels tall). There are some free and low-cost tools available that help you to quickly create your cover photo. These include:
PicMonkey Cover Maker

Page Modo Cover Photo Maker

Timeline Cover Banner Maker

Promote Your Facebook Business Page

Of course, if you want your Facebook Business Page to get noticed, you’ve got to promote it! Here is how to promote your Facebook for Business page:

  • Log into Facebook as the Admin for your Facebook for Business Page.
  • Choose Promote and then Promote Your Page from the menu on the right-hand side.
  • Start by selecting a location. Local businesses should select a city or zip code(s).
  • Choose interests. This is a great way to make sure your ad is shown to the audience that best fits your business. Facebook recommends choosing 4-10 interests.
  • Select the age and gender that best fits your target audience.
  • Set your budget and the timeframe for your campaign.
  • Choose or set up your payment method.
  • You’ll need to write a short ad text.
  • Choose or upload an image.
  • That’s it. You are ready to promote. Just click Promote.

Facebook will track the results for you, and you can make changes to the campaign at any time.


These are just a few of the many ways to get your Facebook Business Page noticed. Fore more tips on Facebook marketing, download our free eBook below:

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