• The Future of Facebook Advertising: Carousel Ads


Sometimes, the best way to convey the value and uniqueness of your business is through images. Great photos speak volumes that simple text posts and ads just can’t compete with.

Sound familiar? You’re in luck!

Facebook is making it easier than ever to build brand awareness and drive customer traffic to your website through their ad platform, with a variety of options and features to tailor your campaign to your unique business and needs.

In Part II of this 3-part series, learn about Facebook’s carousel ads to provide a vivid, visual experience to customers interested in your brand on social media! Missed Part I? Find it here.

Carousel & Conversion Pixel Ads

One of the new advertising features incorporated with clicks-to-website ads, as well as engagement ads, are called “Carousel Ads.” Carousel ads allow advertisers to attach multiple images to one ad for a more robust, dynamic ad experience.

With these multiple images, the advertiser is able to link to one landing page or as many landing pages as there are images! Have multiple promotions on different products? Well now you can link to the appropriate page from each great deal. Want to show off all the pieces of one combo package? You can attach your images and link off to one cohesive landing page.

Features of Carousel Ads

  • Pick up to 5 different images
  • For each image, choose a different URL and different verbiage
  • If this is a clicks-to-website ad, carousel ads offer a clear call to action with a URL description

Carousel ads allow you the opportunity to maximize the amount of content relative to your one marketing objective. It’s more bang for your buck!

Mobile Friendly!

As with any Facebook advertising initiative, mobile-friendly carousel ads provide a streamlined format for you to hit your target demographic on their handheld device, not just on desktop. For an advertiser with a mobile app, carousel ads can touch on a variety of offerings or services, without having to create a new ad for each.

Carousel Ad Example | Mobile App

carousel ads.PNG

Who Benefits?

According to Facebook, carousel ads have begun to drive a higher click-through-rate for businesses across all industries. For companies in the e-commerce field, it is a clear win in being able to include many products in one ad, while maintaining the same targeting. The ad format stays true to Facebook’s mentality that the imagery should remain the primary focus of any advertisement.

“Compared to other advertising efforts, the carousel format drove 3X more conversions and 85% better click-through rates.”

Carousel ads allow advertisers like you to see higher success in the metrics now considered crucial for Facebook Ads. With engagement and page like ads falling lower on the totem pole of success, advertisers are pushing for metrics such as click-through rates and conversion rates to prove what’s really working.

Looking to drive sales via Facebook? For all things conversions, be sure to tune in to Part III next week!

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